Question for moms with kids in braces

Moms who have had kids in braces, especially multiple at the same time- what were your financing options at the ortho? What were your payments like?

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Insurance cover some of it and we are responsible for the rest. We split the $198 payment. Our final total is higher because we opted for lifetime retainers. If she looses them or breaks them we just have to request a new set with no additional cost for her lifetime.

I pay 250 a month for 2 kids in braces. I paid 500 down for both. this is kid number 1 second time with them. and kid number 2 first time but he has to have a ton of stuff done with them

Insurance covered some but we still had payment plans. The amount insurance didn’t pay divided into 24 months, between 2 kids it was about 150-175 per month. They overlapped about 3 months.

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I pay $150 a month per child.

My first payment down was 1300. One child then after that my payments each month or as we went was or is under 200 can’t remember exactly amount I’m paying my full amount if paid in in full without payment is over 6000.if had to replace a brace a couple freebies after that I think was 35.i have a 24 mth pay

I think it depends on the office you go to. Insurance will usually only cover about $1500. Some offices will let you make payments and others might make you pay with another source up front using Care Credit or something of the like

I have two kids with braces. I had to pay upfront (two separate orthos). I put them both on my care credit card.

$76/month for 1 kid
I would compare your dental benefits and weigh your options for next enrollment. Look at each plan’s orthodontia coverage. My employer offers some that cover 60% of orthodontia and one plan that said I would be responsible for a maximum of $1633 or somewhere around that price. I chose the one that told me the maximum I would pay (Cigna dental)