Question for parents of bilingual kids

Parents of bilingual kids: what did you do to help them with both languages? I only speak English but my children’s dad speaks Spanish/English. I want to help them speak both fluently but I am unsure what I can do to help them. Any advice helps. Thank you in advance!


TV, books, radio stations, etc. in Spanish. The child may recognize the dominant language in their world so you have to make an effort to put the other language into their life as much as possible. Have the dad & others who speak Spanish talk to them exclusively in Spanish. Good luck!

I’ve heard that if one parent speaks English to them mum and dad speaks only Spanish. This really helps

My oldest daughter always wanted to speak Spanish. My son understands it but doesn’t really speak it so he is taking Spanish in high school. My 6 year old doesn’t even try, just the bad words sadly

Since my kids are older and have access to phones I have a rule in place. If you want something like to go to a friend’s you have to ask in spanish. They are able to google it have it read to then and they practice saying it. Need the store? You ask in spanish. I also will talk to them in spanish and have them read a sentence or 2 a day.

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Have one parent only speak English and the other only Spanish

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Have their father speak only Spanish to them.

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