Question for parents with split custody

Parents with split custody of children or that have a child with an absent parent…do you buy all kids the same amount or do you buy less for the child that has another parent buying for them?


What? Why would you make a child open less presents in front of their sibling just because they have another home? It’s not that childs fault their parents are split up.


Same. Not concerned with what the other household is doing, and definitely not about to make my child feel less than by getting less than their other siblings.


Our kids don’t necessarily get the same amount but they get the same amount of money spent. We talk with them about that. For example if I spent $300 on a TV for my preteen but my 5 year old gets smaller cheaper gifts because that’s what she wants then she amount may be more but the same was spent on each child. I don’t count gifts. I try to get them the things they want within my budget. Although I don’t have a child that I have to share I do have my sisters son after she passed away. He is no different from my birthed children. All are treated the same. That child should have the same quality of life at both houses. It’s not their fault the parents are split up.


They all get the same amount. Why would u punish a child in ur home for having a 2nd home ?? Bcuz that’s basically what u will be doing :neutral_face:


My oldest gets more from me because my little one has her dad and his family


The op was asking if they should by MORE for the child with only one household, it was just worded a little wonky. That being said…in our household, if I know the kids with another parent we’re getting something big from that parent, I do a little extra for the kids that just have us. It ISN’T a kids fault that some have two households and some don’t. It’s up to us to make sure everyone feels equal on Christmas morning.

Same, you have no idea what the other parent is going to buy or if they are even going to buy. You won’t want you child to go without based on chance.

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If the dad buys somehow for his kid but not your other kid , that’s okay ots not his kid. He has split custody, that is his choice.

My daughter is 2 and I co parent with her dad. He also has 2 other kids with same mom. Her dad gets her a lot more gifts than me because majority of my family buys my daughter gifts. Kids don’t really pay attention on who gets the most gifts,…it’s more the excitement of opening presents. Although I don’t make gifts a big deal in my household. We spend time with family more so around this season.

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All kids should always get the same amount ffs

I’m with the people that say , same amount , it’s not the kids fault , they have 2 homes

From myself the kids will all get the same amount. What their other parent gets them is none of my business

The same? Like it’s just cruel to give one more than the other

I have many bonus grandkids and they all get the same amount of presents.

Why in the world would you buy less for a child with an absent parent?

Um… why the heck is this even a question?! :woman_facepalming: You should do the same for all of YOUR children. Period.

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All of our kids gets the same amount. Price tags don’t matter…as long as they have the same amount of decent quality


everything is fair, no child is treated any different and they get the same amount

Everyone gets the same amount

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This is a trash question asked by a trash person. Why are you trying to make yourself feel better about playing obvious favorites with some of your kids? All the kids that come through your household should get the same amount of things (the metric being number amount or money amount may vary from family to family).

Everyone gets the same from me

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All of my kids get treated the same. I don’t care if you have twenty christmases I’m still going all out on you.

The hell kind of question is that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You do realise this situation is just made up by the admin to get people all riled up and commenting to get more hits right?

It depends. When we had certain fosters, some had bio family visits and would come back with a ton of gifts. So I would have the kids who didn’t have bio parents involved get presents at friends of relatives houses. I also sent something on the visit for the kids to bring “back” for the other kids. It was a lot of work.

I usually split the lump sum of cash between my 3 kids usually the 2 oldest ones (15 and 11) get a couple less presants but there presants are more expensive then my 9 year old and the 2 oldiest understand that because the know mom is santa

I have 2 girls and a bonus girl. They all get the same amount. That’s a ridiculous question.


All of my kids get the same amount and we try to spend close to the same per child. The oldest had 2 homes until she was 6 and that never changed what happened in our home. She also always got santa presents at our house regardless of whose christmas morning it was. Now its only our house so it doesnt matter but if it wasnt shed still get the same as her siblings :woman_shrugging:

My oldest and his father are divorced and my youngest lives at home with me and his father. My kiddos get the same amount of gifts. Any gifts from my oldest dad, stays at his house for him to play with there.

Same amount, and if their dad cant get stuff i get stuff and put it from him

I have 2 step kids. 2 of my own and one have one together. My 2 step kids and my son have 2 Christmas. They all get the same amount of presents but ours and my daughter who doesn’t have another Christmas get to open a few extra gifts Christmas morning . The other 3 aren’t there on Christmas morning.