Question for stay at home moms

What’s the hardest part of being a stay at home mom?


Controlling your emotions on the hard days.
and keeping up on all the housework while still getting in playtime with the kiddos.

I honestly love it! I get to do day trips with baby, make what I want, when I want. I tend to my animals and love doing that with the littles. Sports practices/games. Never miss them. I love it

Can definitely get over stimulating, there’s always something to clean up, no privacy. But if you have a great partner that knows how to be an adult and help around their house as well. It’s worth it. Unless you guys agree to share finances, You better have some type of hobby so you have your own money.

I’ve been a full time working mom and am currently a stay at home mom. It’s hard to say which is more “difficult”, each has it’s pros and cons. Logically, I know I contribute greatly to my household by doing the vast majority of the daily housework, cooking, shopping, getting kids to and from school, etc., but not contributing financially makes me feel very guilty.


There is always something to do

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I honestly love it. I think the most challenging part is never getting a “break.” When you go to work, you’re obviously still a parent, but it’s almost like you switch rolls and your responsibility is focused on your job. When you’re a SAHM, you’re going, going, going, 24 hours a day. You don’t ever feel that separation of employee vs parent.



Lol - Kidding. I’m not sure. I haven’t been a stay at home mom except while on maternity leave both times and I give you all props. It’s definitely not easy.

I stayed at home with my kids for 17 years and absolutely loved it ! It’s a very hard job , though , but so rewarding ! I found my patience was thin at times with 3 kids . But , I think I was a good mom and they all turned out great! They loved me staying at home with them , as well! If I had it to do over again , I’d do the same thing ! Now I am a Gigi and keep my grandchild two days a week and look forward to each and every day I get with her !

Honestly, I love it. But I have an older child who’s in school and a baby whose pretty easy going. So I got lucky :heart:
Sometimes it is hard going out and getting things done, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The isolation and never clocking out


Feeling more utilitarian than human


The isolation. You never get breaks. You don’t sleep. Everyone expects you to do everything for them like babysit( because what else are you doing). You have the full responsibility of all the cleaning, cooking, apt making, apt taking, school functions because you " don’t contribute " financially. It’s not for everyone. It’s really hard.


I have been a stay at home mom now 14 years - hardest part is that there isn’t an ending. And no real breaks.


The guilt from knowing you don’t contribute financially & it all lays on your partner.


Never hard :sob::sob:
Just because your a stay at home mom doesn’t mean stay home lol ! I go to the play grounds I get coffee walk around the stores make lunch the day goes by so fast !!


The mental strain, isolation, the inability to “take a break”… I have 3 littles and it gets tiring…

The mental strain. There are no breaks, no silence, no rest, and no sympathy.


No money, stuck at home, loneliness, rude comments.

Waking up from my nap every day :relieved:

Sound it’s always loud and gets over stimulating also no privacy or time for yourself no breaks I swept and mopped my whole house yesterday and I already have to do it again lol I love my little hell spawns thou life would be boring without them


Probably the lack of conversation with other adults and the loneliness that comes from it.
I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost 4 years now. I have an 8 year old, 3 year old and 5 month old.
My 3 year old has a rare chromosomal disorder and Autism, so she has many doctors appointments and goes to a half day program for kids who are developmentally behind.

My days are long 6am-10pm
Busy with house work, and caring for kids, and cooking, (I’m currently undergoing TMS therapy daily as well.)
They are so rewarding tho. I used to work 60 plus hour weeks when my oldest was little, and missed so much.

My situation is so different because my husband and father of my first 2 kids passed away 3 years ago, and I do still have an income from social security because of that.
But when he was alive and I was a stay at home mom budgeting and trying to still do things fun with the kids as a family was a challenge at times but we made it work.

Over all I love it, I love watching my kids grow, and knowing they are safe with me. I am exhausted however :sweat_smile:

The monotony of virtually the same existence day after day, the noise, constant demands… Never leaving the kitchen and cleaning constantly just to live in a never clean looking house.

At the moment it’s changing a nappy cause he won’t stay still! :joy:

I personally didn’t have any troubles being a SAHM when my kids were small. I always had something to do. Now that my kids are older and independent, I can only clean so much before having nothing to do.

Meeting the expectations of hubby or other people around you lol everyone expects stay at home moms with have perfect clean house perfectly raised kids and good home cooked meals daily haha hardest part is is having other realize it ain’t easy! And keeping up with everything is virtually impossible! Just bc your a stay at home mom doesn’t mean your a stay at home wife, cook, gardener, maid or teacher. You’re a mamma! Raising the babies and taking care of them is priority and the in between times comes the other house duties (; also to add house gets a lot messier with kids home more! They also eat more and need more entertainment all while you have no privacy or a quite time unless they take a nap.