Questions about having a VBAC

To my mommies that have had a VBAC, how long did you wait? We’re you given a choice by your OB? He’s leaving it up to me and I had my baby four months ago, my babies will be a little over a year apart. What should I do? The only complications I had that caused me to have a c section was his cord was wrapped. I didn’t have an issue dilating.


At least try. I had a c-section due to failure to progress, was told I would never be able to deliver vaginally. I delivered a healthy, bigger baby boy the following year via v-bac and it was such an awesome experience. Congrats mama!

Your uterus has a much higher chance of rupture. I’m not sure if I would risk your life or that of your child, especially if you are not planning for this to be your last pregnancy. Things can go wrong very fast.


It took me about 2 months to find a dr that was even willing to allow me to try. I successsfully was able to deliver vaginally no problems. My seventh baby however had to be delivered c section because he was so big in his shoulders he was stuck. Do what u feel is best for a delivery that u want. I was so happy i did with our 6th.

I think they want at least 18 -24 months between births if you want to try a vbac

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Following… my daughter will be 2 in February and I’m due in May… they ask me every time what I would like to do and I don’t have an answer.

I had a vbac! My doctor left it up to me but the local hospital didn’t “accommodate” vbacs so he gave me a referral to a hospital 2 hours away. They saw me, looked at my history and said I was a easy candidate. So that was my plan. I thought I was going into labor and drove the 2 hours just to be sent home not in labor but at a 3. 3 times. Lol. I ended up going into labor at 4 am and we drove down 2 hours to have my boy. (My 3rd, but 1st vbac). It was such a relief to not have a csec again because mine and the recovery was brutal. (Some people say the 2nd is easier, but not my idea of a good time). Then a year later I got pregnant again and same thing but this time they induced me so I didn’t have a car baby on the freeway lol. Both were amazing even with the drive. (Waaaaay better hospital too).

I did it twice I waited 2 years my dr agreed had same issue as you

I would try it. I had to have c section with my 1st, I was contracting much, I tried to push on my own but started to vomit & pass out, so we went C section. I was given the opportunity to try vbac but opted for another C section & im glad I did because I was not contracting again to help push BUT the recovery was harder the 2nd c section, it was so much tougher than the 1st.

I had the same issue, your probably a good candidate for Vbac. I had a VBAC 2 years later from my 3rd baby and thank god everything turned out fine. I’m so happy I did it, I hated the c-section recovery.

My Mom had two c-section’s. Then 4 natural. Then 1 more by c-section.

So if no big risks with your first. I would try to deliver natural.

Most wouldn’t allow it before 18 months, so be thankful there’s someone offering.
I’d definitely try, as that’s something I really want but can’t find around here.

My second child was a c-section. The other three were vaginal. Having had both I’d go with vaginal any day!

I’ve had both. And I’d have 100 non medicated vag births before another c section lol

I haven’t had my vbac yet but with covid, I’m doing a home water vbac. I’m due January 17. 17 months after my c section! My midwife is very confident in my vbac because we check all the boxes, placenta in the back, healed well, double sutures, softened cervix, baby in perfect position. Don’t attempt if you medically need one but why not give it a go? So many hospitals offer them now! And in hospitals, would be so much safer than doing it at home !

I was given the choice but they kept saying they didn’t want me to go over the due date so needed a section or an induction before on due date. My 1st (2015) was traumatic because of being induced so with hesitation I chose a c section. I’m glad I did, the surgeon told me a c section was the best for me as it was abit messed up inside after my 1st sons emergency c section. It really is your choice at the end of the day, it’s what you think is best for you! My son is 7 weeks old now :blush:

I had a vbac in march 2019 I was encouraged for a vbac was given a choice I was even induced which is a balloon inducement…it was successful just a slight tear but definitely for me best choice that was a 4.5 year age gap

If it’s not medically necessary to have a C, why wouldn’t you at least give it a try to have your baby naturally? If something goes sideways you already know they can have you in the OR and get your baby out quickly and safely.

I’d say at least let your body try, either way child birth is rough af. Good luck and congratulations! :heart:

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I just had a vbac in june, almost exactly 2.5 years after my c section. My doctor left the option up to me and my husband. I had preeclampsia with my first daughter which is why I had a c section, but was completely healthy this time around. My water broke on its own and I just had to have some pitocin since i wasnt dialting very much, but everything else went very smoothly! 180° difference from my first, in all the best ways! :joy:

I had my oldest in February and had a vbac in April of the next year successfully.

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I had a vbac when my eldest was 11+1/2 months old. Was so proud of myself. My eldest was born 8 weeks prem. Second was only 5 days early, he was born 5 days before his big sisters 1st birthday. Then I had another 4 days before his 1st birthday, she was 2 weeks late :sweat_smile:.
All births are different, just like all pregnancies are. My youngest 3 were all born less than 12 months apart. The youngest 2 are 10 months apart :grin:.

I had a VBAC 18 months after c section. I did it and you can too Momma :heart::blush:

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I had a Vbac but it was 3 1/2 yrs later from my 1st. The Vbac was seriously the best experience so happy I was able to do it.

Tough decision. But only time will tell. See how you feel by the time you are 37 and 38 weeks. Try frequent visits to Che k everything is okay.

It’s not recommended for VBAC in less than 2 years gap, but my sister in law did it.

She had a baby every year. First was normal, 2nd was CS due to baby’s position, 3rd and 4th normal. Each one born one year a part.

I think your body will signal in due time. Just keep watching out.

It’s possible but it will depend how your scar healed. The less time between deliveries the increased risk of uterine rupture, which obviously is very dangerous for both you and baby. Generally they want 2 years between deliveries. I would definitely talk to your OB more about the risks given your time frame