Questions for mamas who breastfeed

For those of you who mainly breastfeed your baby, do you up the nipple flow on the bottle ever, or do you keep it at newborn/natural flow? If you up the flow on the bottle, did it help wean

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I upped the nipple flow just as you would with formula. Then ended up switching my son to formula anyways

Yes i do depending on the baby’s age and how heavy flow they like

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Good question! My breastfed babies had faster flow during the day, but when we used the bottles at nap time, it was the slowest flow possible. They were used to nursing down at nap time, so I didnt want them rushing through bottles because they wouldn’t nap. We managed to wean just fine at bed time and switch to sippies fairly early, but I never weaned at nap time. The way I figured it, there would be a day when they stopped napping in the afternoon, and then the bottle would no longer be an issue. I’m happy to say that none of my children (16, 14, 12, 10, 8, and 6) are still hooked on breast or bottle :joy:

My babies never sucked a bottle

Leave the teat on newborn

Nope, you should not switch the flow so it helps keep the bottle flow closer to the breast. My daughter stayed on newborn flow until 7+ months when I stopped working outside the home due to covid.

No. Your breasts do not change flow when breastfeeding. If you increase nipple flow, they will become lazy and expect the milk to just flow out without any suckling.

Your nipple flow doesn’t change nor should your bottles! Look up information about pace feeding!

My babies were just on newborn until they were old enough to hold a cup on their own, then I just gave them breast milk in their cups.