Questions regarding court and an abusive father

Have any of you mamma’s had to deal with being taken to court for paternity/custody/visitation by an abusive father. What steps did you take to protect your child, and what was the outcome? Having trouble finding help where I live. Thanks


Never get legal advice on Facebook. Always call a family attorney!!


Is the abuse documented?
If so you can definitely get supervised visitation if not then a judge unfortunately may allow unsupervised

Everything that happens…have solid proof…then seek legal advice


Look up local woman’s center/underground railroad they usually have lawyers you can talk with who volunteer their time.

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If you have proof of the abuse that will help 100%. Unfortunately, most of the time courts don’t want to let children be without either parent so they will at least allow supervised visits. I suggest contacting an attorney as soon as possible to get the proper advice you need!


What state do you live in? A lot of the southern states have morons for judges…I like Ashley Mae comment…check it out.


I called CPS on him and was able to get full custody of my child that way.

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Document everything. Text conversations, bruises, scars, everything. It takes time but it’s your best defense


Get a guardian ad litem to speak for your children

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Go to a DV counselor. They have resources to help . You will need a lawyer. If your DV agency doesn’t help you with 1 ask about asking the judge to order him to pay. Mine did. Record everything, make a paper trail, police reports, PPO/restraining order, save texts, voicemails. Don’t talk to him until court. A good DV counselor will tell you all this.

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If the father is abusing your child, you do not them go with him, especially until any court hearing. Be a mother above all things. Your child trusts you to protect them. If your child gets harmed in his custody while you knowingly were aware of the abuse, evident here, you are guilty as well. You just made yourself prosecutable in a case. If anything happens to your child, you are guilty for being a negligent mother. This is your best advice. Good luck

In Australia children aren’t allowed in any court under under circumstances for parenting issues / orders.

The judge will assign a child inclusive procedureif the child is old enough to voice their wishes / concerns

If they are not; you will need documented official evidence (hospital, doctor, police reports ECT) he say / she say will not be tolerated or accepted as evidence of blah blah happened.

I’d get a lawyer. As in Australia you’ll be needing to file a Form 4 of child abuse with your paperwork

Document and report everything!

Look up, One Moms Battle

Be sure every episode of abuse is reported to police Ask police for some place that might help you.
Ask your minister for help. The more people who are aware of the abuse and what you are going through the better.
Don’t stop talking and asking until you get The help you need. I hope you have an attorney. Talk with her.

Always tell people who have a duty to report. Police, doctors, therapists, nurses, teachers, preachers, etc. Have your child write how they feel. Document everything.

Document everything pics included if you have any and I would file a restraining order

Police reports when it did happen, pfa and when we went to court I asked for supervised visits which the court granted because of everything being documented of how he was. We didnt get any further then that since he didnt want to do anymore then 2 supervised visits, so never made it back to court to see if it would get changed to regular visits


What Jessica Hamilton said. Document everything in a notebook & keep it in a safe place. Take pics, video, record his calls. Ask for supervised visits. Ask yoir lawyer to do a emergency temp restraining order for your children now.

I literally went through this this past Thursday. I had to call the cops on my ex. He’s been abusive for months and I just got tired of it. The cops informed to to get a temporary order of protection. Which I did get and was granted right away. I also listed the children so he can’t go anywhere near them even if I’m not there. Then we have an official court hearing where I bring all my evidence n testimony. I had to go to our county jail to file for it. So check there or the courthouse. But that will be the best first step. Temporary order of protection

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Kristen is right document, document dates, times, everything. And yes ask for supervised visitations this is most important if you are worried about safety.

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