Recently found bilateral clubbed feet on ultrasound. Wanting to hear any and all thoughts and advice on methods and treatment

Bilateral Clubbed Feet

We just recently found out our new little one has bilateral clubbed feet and of course upon getting home the googling began!
We are very open to different types of therapy and methods! However the two that are coming up the most are the Ponseti Method and the French Functional! From what I’ve read so far the French does not necessarily always use casts? But you are much more hands on, which as a SAHM I plan on being.
I know depending on the extremities of the clubbed feet, this could or may have to change.
But both methods seem to have the same percentages as far as outcome and results!
With anyone who has experience in this please let me know what has worked for you and your little ones! Or anything else you feel we should know!