Recipe ideas for babies?

Question for all you mamas. I need ideas on foods to feed my 10 month old please! Trying to get him off baby food


buy a baby feeder that has mesh so that you can give your baby things like fruit, veggies and wvwn meat without worrying about him choking.

what ever is for dinner is what mine had. Soft cooked veggies cubed chicken or steak if it was too spicy I would scramble an egg. I would make a batch of long cook oats and some fine diced apples or some kind of fruit and eat it up for breakfast It would last a week. blueberries peaches banana bites Cook a sweet potato or butternut squash

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He can eat anything you eat besides honey as long as its cut correctly. It does not need to be mashed. Check out baby led weaning. My son never ate baby food.

Mine ate everything I ate

Steamed veggies
Chicken/veg/mushroom soups with crackers.

Literally anything. Make things soft, keep it in small peices. Look online for great ideas, or ask baby doctor what’s best. Always start with introducing veggies.

Canned soup, not condensed with noodle or rice, softened veggies and meats. Scrambled eggs.

Still needs to eat soft/fully cooked foods until all their teeth come out. :slightly_smiling_face:

I feed my babys everything I ate but my youngest no can’t no more gluetin free now :sob: very hard