Recipe ideas for lactose intolerance?

My little one is 16 months olds old and is lactose intolerant. I’m trying to find a few more options for all three meals of the day. He loves vegetables so that’s not a worry of mine. Avoiding the dairy has been a little bit more challenging than I thought.

You could try like soy yogurt and other kinds of milk like almond, soy, cashew, they have lactose free cows milk too I’m not sure how true it is but I once heard harder cheeses aren’t such an issue with lactose intolerance? But that coulda been a load of bull they do make vegan cheese slices though you could look into those maybe

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My daughter is lactose intolerant. Yoplait makes a lactose free yogurt, many of the pastas and non specialty breads are milk free.
All beef hotdogs are dairy free and fresh sliced deli meats.
I’ve done alot of research.
There are also some lactose free boxed mac m cheese. Though my daughter does fine on the non powdered ones.
Hummus or guacamole (check the label or make your own) are great too!
Eggs any way as well
I’ve found the simpler the item plainer breads/pasta, plainer sauses and canned goods the less likely they are too have milk