Recipe ideas?

I could use some help from the mama’s! I am having a dinner party and have just the food figured out. I’ve never had a dinner party before so I’m not sure what all I should do in preparation.

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Clean, have some activities figured out to keep the little ones entertained.
Appetizers if dinner won’t be ready right away, beverages and a desert.
You’ll also needs cutlery, dishes and napkins, along with seats for all your guests.

I always say if you have enough booze the rest doesn’t matter! :crazy_face: KIDDING! Clean up a bit, set the table in advance, including serving dishes & hot pads if needed, or plastic ware & soppy cups. Set up seating to accommodate children, handicapped or older people, parents next to children & if you will be getting up and down, give yourself easy access to the kitchen. Make anything you can in advance & make things as simple as you can for the day of so you can enjoy your guests instead of spending all your time in the kitchen. Do your best to accommodate special diets and preferences, but don’t stress unless it’s a hospital-trip type allergy. See who you can recruit to help clean up in advance if possible. If dinner fails, order pizza. Your guests come for the company more than the food! Have fun! The more you do it, the easier it gets.