Relationship Advice?

I started dating a new guy in October 2021. From the start he seemed like such a great guy! He had a good head on his shoulders he had this drive to make life easier for him and his child. I loved it. Well suddenly he decides that he’s not interested in his job type any longer. He gets a new job almost immediately. We don’t live together. But I love everything about this man! Well suddenly I realized he was developing a horrible drinking habit! I told him I don’t like that let’s slow down and he agreed, but when his friends were around he couldn’t say no. Instead he thought it would just be OK to drink and not tell me. Of course I smelled it on him. So I packed my things and left. Since then he has told “after that night I realized I needed to stop drinking and I haven’t drank. But honestly I realized I don’t need a girlfriend to feel happy I just need to focus on my son, my house, ect” what do I do? Do I wait around on the guy I am so madly deeply in love with? Or do I move on?