Retirement party ideas?

I need ideas for a retirement party. My mom is retiring soon, and I was told I should plan one for her. That’s no biggie, but she doesn’t really like parties…

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At an office or home? If she’s more of an introvert, take the focus off her. Have activities and distractions so people can just come up and talk to her—no speeches or putting her on the spot.

Maybe have people contribute money towards a big present so she doesn’t have to have people looking at her while she opens gifts. You can say “no gifts please” on invitations but no one ever pays attention.

You could film her co-workers saying nice things about her & play that at the party and avoid having her in the spotlight while people take the microphone in person. Or have a talented person put together a video about her time at the company with old hoots, etc.

A casual picnic with a guest book or picture mounted on a big piece of paper, canvas, poster board or whatever where people can write their names and a message. Host a picnic with games and no speeches.

Or do an open house, where people can stop by over several hours and say goodbye individually so it’s not overwhelming with everyone there all at once.