Rib pain in pregnancy

I’m having some rib pain which isn’t abnormal being 30 weeks pregnant. However, the skin on top of my ribs is very very sensitive to the the touch, it hurts to wear even sports bras which I have to for nursing pad purposes. There is a sharp pain when I roll over in bed to ether side and clearly I cannot sleep on my back. Have any other mommas dealt with this and if so is it normal or what could it be? I did call my doctor I’m just waiting for a call back!!


I’m 36 weeks and for me it was how the baby is laying when I went in and spoke with them . I have to sleep
With ALOT of pillows

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Yep and it didn’t go away until I had my daughter and then it was instantly gone as soon as she was out! Must just be the skin stretching

That happened to me in my first pregnancy as well. Might last a while. Don’t worry, I don’t think it’s anything extreme.

A friend of mine actually got a broken rib from her boy… She was real tiny and he was stretching and kicking under her rib

I had this from skin stretching & round ligament. Had to sleep pin straight lol

I had the same thing! 2 ER visits and after seeing my doctor it was a pulled muscle in the rib. It took about a month and a half to heal… in the mean time alternate cold and hot compress, try to stretch every day and massage the area. I’m also 31 weeks pregnant!

Your aloud to sleep on your back so give that a try

My son was sitting on my ribs so badly that I couldn’t breath one day. They induced me the next day and he now has a permanent scar on his back from being to big for me. I’m 4’11 and had a 9lb 20 1/2 inches long baby! It was only two weeks to my due date tho. I’d tell your doctor about it and maybe have them measure the baby.

Tender muscles make it feel like your skin hurts. The sharp pains is sciatica. Chiropractor and massages. Soak in epsom salt- be sure to drink water after so you don’t dehydrate.

I’m 37 w and 3d my midwife told me it was because the skin is so thin and where they constantly kick