Roku device keeps disconnecting...advice?

I got my daughter a 32 inch Roku tv for $90 from Facebook marketplace and it keeps disconnecting from the WiFi but our 60inch and 48inch don’t have this problem. Any ideas?


Is it the farthest away from router? Maybe get an extender. If it is

Have you done a factory reset on it?

You could’ve bought the same tv for the same price at Walmart brand new


Ours does this too. No clue why but we have to reconnect constantly.

If it is an Onn brand, they are notorious for this. We have found that there is no way to remedy the issue permanently, we ended up buying a ruko stick.

U can get a brand new one for 99. That’s crazy . That’s y they sold it. It’s crap. Sorry

I would suggest a firestick lite. It’s cheaper and you can still get everything basically that Roku has. I don’t think Roku even has an internet browser. Best of luck to you .