Safe sleeping positions for infants?

Hi mamas. I need some advice. What should I do if my 5 week old won’t sleep on his back or in his crib? Ive tried everything from gripe water, slowly putting him in his crib and keeping my hand on him till he tries to stay asleep, getting a bassinet for inbetween my boyfriend and I in our bed, breastfeeding laying down then rolling him on his back, rocking/bouncing, very dark room, dimmed room, sound machines, tv on, tv off, etc. He will ONLY sleep in my arms or my bed… on his side or on his belly. I don’t feel comfertable putting him to sleep those ways because of SIDS but that’s the only way he will sleep. I’ve been lucky a couple times where he would actually stay asleep in his crib for a few hours. During his naps throughout the day he will sleep on his back and plus he sleeps though noise, all lights are on/curtains open. Why only at night… whyyyy!!


My son would never sleep on his back. Only his side or stomach. There are side sleeping wedges you can get to prevent them from rolling on to their stomachs. I’ve heard some success stories but never personally used them.

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He could be colicky. What helped us was bicycling his legs as if he was on a bike. Then feeding til asleep and propping his matress up with a matress wedge.

My munchkin slept on me till about 2.5/3 months. She was a side sleeper and a belly sleeper too. Freaked me out. She’s 2 ½ now and still sleeps on her side or belly.

Wrap him and put him on his side with two wedges.

Get a monitor that alerts you if he stops breathing like an AngelCare. Then he can sleep however he wants but you’ll know he’s ok.

SIDS used to be lay them on their belly for prevention now it’s back etc. I honestly think they change it for their convenience seeing as they have yet to figure out what actually causes it.


My son was like this too and for 3 months he either slept in my arms on my chest or in his swing …it was the only way to get him to sleep and for me to get some rest…he is my first baby so i was so afraid of SIDS and all the horror stories but you know whats best for your baby…he is now a happy 4.5 month old and sleeps on his back in his crib …8-10 hours a night…be patient your baby just wants to be close to you …you got this mama

They make special props to keep baby on their back. We almost bought one.
You can also use a longer blanket rolled really tight around baby to prop in to the back sleeping position.
I liked putting it tight under their bottoms so their legs were propped up a little bit.

I put my kids to bed in a swing or rocker til around 5-6 months…they all had acid reflux…I also felt better knowing they were sitting up instead of laying completely flat…I have 3 boys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Let him sleep on his belly if he is happier there.


I don’t think it is recommended now but both of mine slept on their tummies. They are 24 and 29 now.


I think for peace of mind get an owl, or a similar device that is put on the foot to monitor their hearts. A friend of mine had one because her baby did the same and it makes a loud noise when the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen.

All 4 of my kids slept on their belly, if you tight swaddle him and let him fall asleep in your arms then put him in a bassinet or crib with props he will remain on his back.

You’re baby is still young. the baby still wants mommy the baby was in you for 9months so everything is still new and thats ok. at night time have skin on skin time for an hour it should help. thats what i did with my son and he loved it he was passed out for the rest of the night. when you give you’re baby a bath do it at night instead of the day that will help too.

Give your baby a paci if you are worried about sids let him sleep the way he’s comfortable honestly I’ve always been afraid of them sleeping on there back in case they aspirate and choke on vomit I’ve always thought side was best but they said a few years ago to prevent sids it was there side then it was there belly now it’s back they have no idea what causes sids but a paci helps because they are constantly sucking and not forgetting to breathe


Do you swaddle him? Maybe even try elevating the head of his bassinet/crib, we had to do that for my son for reflux. Also if he likes to sleep on his side they sell wedges on amazon to keep them in that position so they don’t roll over. My son hated being swaddled at first and went through a phase of only sleeping when being held and we decided to try swaddling again and it worked. Once he started rolling back to belly I would swaddle with one arm out and then eventually transitioned him out of the swaddle all together.

My son did the same until he was 12 weeks then suddenly was fine in his crib he just wants his momma!

I have five kids and each one of them slept on their stomachs all healthy and good. If he won’t sleep, then that isn’t healthy for him either, Or you for that matter. You should be able to lay a baby down for heavens sake and not feel guilty about it. It’s OK if the baby has been well taken care of held and loved, to put the baby down! And honestly it’s OK if they fuss a bit. We have to use common sense here. Moms are so guilt ridden and definitely need to get over that. Years later after experience, you will look back and realize you worried about so many things that you just didn’t need to worry about. Social media has created such fear! Don’t parent out of fear, parent out of common sense

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Does he have silent reflux? Ours did and it was hell until we figured it out (screaming when laid down after eating, worse in the evening/bedtime, LOTS of hiccups, wet burps that you can hear but don’t see any spit up, spitting up hours after eating). Things that helped:

  • gripe water with sodium bicarbonate (not all of them have this. It counteracts stomach acid)
  • keeping baby upright 30 minutes after feeding
  • making SURE to get a burp when changing sides during breast feeding

I had that issue before too my daughter would sleep on her back til 3 weeks old then boom she only wanted to sleep on her belly and never on her back or she would of cried like crazy and I tried it all but nothing helped so I had no choice but to let her I kept a close eye on her tho n kept her next to me. I still don’t understand it why she was like that scared me so much. She just turned 1 year last month and still sleeps on her belly

The only way my daughter would sleep is if she was on her belly. So, she slept on her belly. Nothing bad happened and shes a thriving 11 year old now.

Both my boys slept on their tummies since day 1. But if your concerned get an owl it will monitor heart rate

My baby girl would only sleep on her side or tummy as well. If he is strong enough to hold his head up, he should be fine. Just keep everything out of the crib while he sleeps.

Definitely swaddling and pacifier. We never really managed this until my baby was bigger, though. She spent many nights in bed with me and still does sometimes, she’s almost 6 months now and is only just starting to be able to stay in her crib all night. It’s tough, hang in there :heart: now that she’s rolling she sleeps almost exclusively on her belly, she has some issues with gas and we think she’s just more comfortable that way.

I let my son sleep on his side, that’s how he was comfortable.

My daughter slept on her side and tummy. I gave up cuz it was the only way she would sleep when she was younger.

I let mine sleep on my chest or in my arms. He’s 2 months now and I’ve got a flattened pillow that he sleeps on for 5hrs on his back/stomach.

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He might be tired of laying on his back. Do tummy and side time 3 or 4 times a day for ten mins at a time. Be down there on the floor with him to enthuse and stimulate plus give confort if hes not really into it at first.
If at first tummy time isnt going well try the side, have arms and legs bent forward and a blanket rolled behind and under his head. Dont leave him if you do side time, be right there playing and talking.

Both my daughters sleep on their belly from about 6 weeks. That’s the only way they would sleep longer than 30 minutes. On their belly the would sleep all night.

Try elavating him. My son had to sleep elevated so he wouldn’t choke on his vomit during sleep because. Of reflux

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Just sleep with your babe. He needs you. You’re all he’s known and smelled his entire life. Night time is scary and instinctively they need us.

This is how my 8 month old sleeps :woman_shrugging: (I take everything out after hes asleep)

My daughter had a soft windpipe when she was born and it made it so she could only sleep on her stomach or she couldn’t properly breath. She would scream bloody murder if we tried to have her sleep on her back and this was why. Have your pediatrician check her for this. I mean other then me watching her like a hawk day and night for a year this solved everything

When my kids were little they recommended putting them on there stomachs in case they spit up. Few more years they will change it again

First off sounds like his days & nights are mixed up. Second, dont lose sight of the fact you held him for 9 months. He slept when you walked, he awoke when you laid down. He is not secure enough to sleep alone yet.
We have a 5 month old in the house, & he still wants held to sleep. As long as my daughter or I hold him, he sleeps, if we lay him down, he stirs himself awake…
My first bit of advice is hold him. Take the time & just hold him. Second, try a swaddle, & a boppy pillow. We swaddled our little guy & would lay him in the middle of the boppy, which had one of my daughters shirts she wore laid across it. That helped a ton. But it is just a thing you will go thru for quite a while, so buckle down & hold & stare at & love on your baby!

My grandson is a belly sleeper. We’ve kind of just let him because that’s how he stays asleep and is comfy, just check on him but he never had his face in mattress or anything. Now he’s 5 months and just rolls

If he sleeps on his side let him. SIDS is more sleeping on stomach when they have trouble lifting their heads.

Its the baby’s comfort to be close to you. He bonded with in the womb and on the outside. He knows his mommy’s touch and heart💕