Schedule for a 1-year-old

I have a one year old and im trying to start a steady schedule. Im wondering what is your one year olds schedule like? What time do they wake up and go to bed? When is meal and nap times? Ect…


I do home child care. I myself have a 1 year old (17 months), plus 1 other 17 month old, 2- 2 year olds and a 3 year old.

My baby wakes up with me at 7:30 and nurses. Sometimes I can lay her back down and sometimes she stays up with me. Breakfast for everyone is at 9. Morning nap is at 10. The other 1 year old still takes one, mine does some days and skips it other days. She nurses either way. Lunch is at noon. Older kids go to nap at 1. Little guys go to nap at 2. My baby nurses before her nap. I wake my daycare kids up by 3:30 if they’re not up on their own. My girl is usually up with them. Sometimes she’ll sleep until 4. Snack is at 4. Work ends at 5:30 and my family eats supper around 6. She starts fading around 9 since my Husband is usually home later and she waits for him. I don’t really push a bedtime since she can sleep in if she wants to. She nurses to sleep.

On weekends, we take it easy and I let her lead as far as naps. I just do breakfast when she wakes up and meals / snacks every 4 hours otherwise, with nursing when she wants to. If I didn’t work, we would totally follow her lead for naps. I do nurse her on demand though, so when she’s sick or teething she will nurse more and it’s there for her if she wants it.

At this age, their natural rhythm is generally a smoother process than trying to push them into a schedule if you have that option. This way, it’s a kind of hybrid of following her lead and having a routine.

Usually up at 8ish then breakfast by 9am. Usually she will do a nap between 1030 and 11 for about 30 minutes. Lunch at 12ish. About a 2 hour nap between 1 and 2pm. I dont let her sleep passed 5pm. Supper between 5:30 and 6pm then bedtime around 7pm. I do the same meal and bedtime routine with my 4 and 5 year old since they both go to preschool. And during naptime they usually watch a movie in their playroom or quietly play with a toy of their choice.

Up by 7
Breakfast around 730-8
Bottle after breakfast
Playtime 8-9
Walk/Playground 9-11
Lunch w/ milk 11
Naptime 11:45/12 - 2:30
Playtime/bottle 2:30-5
Dinner 5-6
Bedtime/bottle latest 8pm

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