Secondary Infertility

My oldest and Only child is 7.5…
5 years - 5 YEARS we have been trying for a baby.
I knew, somewhere in my heart within the first year of failing to conceive, that there was something wrong… I never acted on it because I was scared to learn the truth.
February, I finally to the leap & sought out Medical Help.
I do not have PCOS, but I also do not ovulate ''normally".
I was finally diagnosed with Secondary Infertility.
I knew it was coming, but Why am I so depressed about it more than ever?

I am grateful for my son, but my heart, my heart earns for another.
Yes, I am on medication to help with the ovulation, but what if it doesn’t work?
My insurance doesn’t cover seeing a fertility specialist, & definitely not any IVF/Infertility Meds that I would need if it came to that route.
We definitely can’t afford it.

Mamas, I am tired yall. Emotionally, Mentally & Physically.
Maybe it’s my hormones? I just came off of a 5 week non stop breakthrough bleeding cycle, 2 weeks ago, and now tonight I am bleeding again.

I am only 24 & alls I can do is sit here at midnight, crying and asking why.

If you have read this far - thank you for listening to my emotional vent.
I needed to get it out to someone, somewhere. I know I’m not alone in this journey, but Gosh does it ever feel like a lonely path.