Sex is making me sick, anyone else experienced this?

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant and this just recently started happening where I would get nauseous and throw up after sex. Has anyone else had this? Should I be concerned or even mention it to my doctor? What could cause this?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Sex is making me sick, anyone else experienced this?

Sex causes your abdominal muscles to clench, especially if you orgasm! Nausea and pain are totally normal after sex during pregnancy

Probably heartburn/acid reflux


I had this problem my doctor said it was because of pressure on my stomach he said to do it doggy style with pillows supporting my belly or spooning in our sides.


I’m 30 weeks now but in the beginning until like 24-25 weeks I would get sick or feel nauseous after sex but I would be fine before so I think it was just from the movement that would make me sick.

Yaaaaa doggy style, and tums are about to be your best friends in the bedroom. :flushed:


This would happen to me especially if I was being shaken around or to much pressure on my belly.
I definitely don’t think it’s uncommon or anything is seriously wrong but trust me when I say it continues to get even more uncomfortable. You just gotta find different positions that might be comfortable for you and keep any weight off your belly.

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Are you guys really rough? Try going slooow and see if you get the same reaction

Could be a cause of motion sickness or reflux. I couldn’t move fast or I would feel sick. I would also feel sick in the car which never happened before I was pregnant and with my first born. To much weight on your belly or too much stress for your body or for bubs.

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Maybe blood pressure related.


Probably from the movement tbh I used to get horrible motion sickness when I was pregnant

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Sex is making me sick, anyone else experienced this?

Sex always made me extremely nauseous during my first pregnancy! I NEVER wanted it for that reason. I mentioned it to my doctor, and she told me it was probably because all of my organs were pushed up, along with my stomach, and this was just my body’s way of dealing with the motions.

My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pregnancy were along easier on my body tho.

It’s pretty normal, it makes all your stomach muscles contract and stuff which can cause alot of women to be sick, it can happen with sex or even riding a bike, take it as a sign your body is saying no thank you baby no likey lol x

It’s the movement that is making you feel like that! Try doggy style with a pillow underneath your stomach so it neutralizes the movement and pressure of ya know… That​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I ain’t even banged up and sex makes me sick :sweat_smile::partying_face::raising_hand_woman:

It’s normal. It happened to me with 2 out of 3 pregnancies. If you slow down it might not be as bad.


Totally normal. this happened both times I was pregnant. But if you’re concerned it never hurts to mention it at your next appointment.

Maybe it’s motion sickness

I agree with doggy style and pillows. Helped me when I was going through the same thing.

I would get extremely nauseous only sometimes because my cervix were being touched. I’m super sensitive to that and it would instantly make me sick. I got worse the further along I got.

Motion sickness!!? I got it with my first pregnancy. Car rides and sex made me so sick!

It could be the vagus nerve reacting to the pressure. Try a different position, maybe lay on your left side

I wish I could just have sex. Currently 33 weeks pregnant. Thru this whole thing, it was the most uncomfortable thing ever, it was the even pleasurable :confused: it sucks. I feel defective and broken! I don’t understand.

I use to have to stop in the middle of it and throw up when I was pregnant

Oh yes same! The big o made me sick the most! So honestly I would ask my husband to skip mine a lot lol also doggie was the best position and the most comfortable

The movement girl. This happened to my with my 2nd daughter it only happened a few times until we found a position that wouldn’t rock me so much lol

Sperm causes contractions

I did this with my first. After a few months it went away. My doctor told me it was normal.

Motion motion motion!!!
I too would get this my last pregnancy :face_vomiting: would feel so fkn sick. Slow it waayyy down. Like even tho you’re not moving (perhaps) he’s still moving you and you’re shaken up pretty much​:+1:t5::ok_hand:t5:

I had this issue with my last pregnancy. It went away once we tried different ways to prevent me from moving too much.

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I did this as well! I even gagged at the thought of brushing my tongue! I’ll pass mine stopped at around 25 week mark!

I get it all the time! I gag everytime my man cums and pulls out :rofl: I don’t get it

Go to the doctor and make sure you get a cervical swab! You could have a bacterial infection even without other symptoms.

Its the movement lol iv had that happen when we had sex not to long after I ate :joy: best part was I wasnt even pregnant :joy:

Movement!!! But still, talk to your doctor

Yep with both my pregnancies.

Donr rock the boat lmao

A couple things. Yeah it happens. Yea speak to your dr. An intense orgasm does a lot to a woman. And being pregnant already has your body in over drive. Ask hubby to stay slow and honesty, not allow you to climax intensely. Which can be very difficult. You need to chill just a tad. Try new positions. Read up on different ways to pleasure each other. There might be some things he can do now what will have you climbing walls and not sick afterwards.

I did this too until I finally realized I’m a lesbian.


Admittedly I was sick my whole pregnancy, but on the odd time I did feel well enough to go for it the exertion made me throw up after.


This used to happen to me. Lol not everytime but pretty frequently. And only around 4-5 months pregnant, and it went away after that.

Yes every time I had sex and climaxed is throw up after

From a mom with 6 it helps to eat first nausea usually stems from hunger while pregnant

That was me! But I also threw up constantly… so, there’s that

My bf jokes I’m allergic to him :laughing:
I have other health issues but a good amount of time I get sick after sex, could be right away or a few hours after.