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Fan Question Anonymous

OK. So 4 days ago I had protected sex with a new partner. I gave him a bj without a condom. 2 days ago I woke up with cold sores on my bottom lip. Went to the doctor got prescribed Valacyclovir (500mg ×2 a day). I took 4 pills and woke up today noticed my vulva and left side labia were super swollen and red, it’s been itchy down there as well. Could I have genital herpes or is it a yeast infection from the strong antibiotics? I’m always super sensitive down there and get them alot if I change anything. I’m assuming I got herpes the cold sores from the guy cause we kissed and I gave him oral with no condom. Used a condom to have sex. He says he doesn’t have anything. I can’t get sti bloodwork and urine tested until June 22nd. I’m super worried. How likely is it that I have genital herpes? I noticed no visible sores on his penis or his mouth but he does have a beard so hard to say.