Shorter mamas...when did you start showing?

Can I ask, shorter mama’s when did you start showing with your second pregnancy? I’m only 11 1/2 weeks with my second baby and already my work pants are leaving marks on me but it just seems so early to show already. I know you show earlier with the second, but my sister was a lot further along with her second before she got maternity clothes. She’s 5’5 and I’m 5’1. She was greatly malnourished at the beginning of hers due to losing so much weight after her divorce and she gained 60 pounds for her whole pregnancy. I know every woman and pregnancy is different but it’s hard not to feel kinda sheepish that I’m still in the first trimester and my clothes are getting so snug. I had lost about 25 pounds since last May trying to lose weight but still had about 15 more pounds I had wanted to go to reac my ideal weight when I got pregnant again so I’m gonna have to start all over and I’m okay with that, I get it. I was also involved in a car accident last month and sprained my wrist so that set back my workouts and I will be getting back into them once I get the all clear from my doctor, but my worry is I just don’t wanna gain a bunch of weight and be right back where I started when I worked so hard to lose so much. So I just need some reassurance that others might have shown a little earlier and I’m not the only one potentially needing a new wardrobe so early on.


I’m 5’1 and I’m very petite. About 100 lbs. I don’t show till about 19 weeks with all except my first. I didn’t show with my first till about 23-24 weeks.

I’m 5’0 and 100lbs. I started showing around 15 weeks with my 2nd. Out of my three pregnancy’s I gained the least and was the smallest with my 2nd. I started showing at 24 weeks with my first and at 12 weeks with my third.

It’s completely normal to show as early as 2 months with your second. Especially if you had a baby within the last year or two. Blow up a balloon. You gotta stretch it and blow hard it takes a few. Blow up the balloon again, it blows up a lot quicker and easier using the same breath strength. Your body just did this so it’s naturally easier to do again. Each pregnancy was harder to lose the baby belly. Not even the weight really but the deformed belly my little ones created. But with 2 kids I hardly had the time to worry about it they make you run all day. So there’s no need to worry this will be a distant memory. Your body will heal and be beautiful in your own time and way. You are in the beginning. You could still get really sick and lose weight. You could form pica and crave ice and worry about the lack of weight gain. I think we worry about our bodies but our bodies are miraculous and altho it takes time, you can train your body back to your choosing. It may not look exactly the same for a while, but you’ll feel gratitude for the body that provided your new lo! Some women don’t, and that’s ok. Your health provider should provide resources should you need them and you’ve got a whole forum of women in your corner.

I"m 5’0, and I started showing early with both pregnancies. Like 12 weeks or less

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I am 5’2”. My first I didn’t show until the 6th month then by term felt and looked like a whale! Second pregnancy I was in maternity clothes by 12 weeks.

Walk around a lot if you’re worried about gaining unnecessary weight. :heartpulse:

I’m not shorter but with my second I started showing on my second before the end of my 1st trimester