Shoudld I get an IUD or my tubes tied?

Need thoughts. So I’m 26 with 5 kids now and I’m debating if I wanna get an IUD for 10 years or get my tubes tied/removed? Any of y’all had either and are you Happy with Your Decision or have regret ?


I got mine tied at that age and 100% regret I only had 2 kids thou. I would have had one more


I have 5 after my 5th I got mine removed best decision I made recovery sucked thou for me but after all was done healed iv been doing OK

I was 28 when I had my tubes tied after my 3rd child and the 2nd pregnancy was hell. I’m 52 now and glad I did it coz my mother had an iud put in after my younger sister was born and 17 years later had it removed coz she thought she was in menopause and 9 months later my youngest brother was born….

I had a horrible experience with the iud. I had it for 8 months and then had it removed. It caused so many problems afterwords. I got my tubes removed after my last kiddo and don’t regret it one bit! But I know I am 100% done with having kids.

Had tubes tied cut and burned

I have a biological son (15), stepson (10), and biological daughter (3). I had my tubes removed just before my daughter’s 2nd birthday. I don’t regret a single thing. Very happy with my decision. Not to mention, it was a very quick outpatient procedure with minimal recovery (a few days).

When I had my fourth child, during the csection they removed my tubes. I still get a period but nomore babies here.

I had bad experiences with two different t IUDs. It caused more issues than any thing

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I have 5 kids with my exhusband & am now remarried. I had my tubes tied after the last guy & wish badly I hadnt ! Sometimes life chnages & things we make super permanent bite us in the ass latter. I would absolutely adore a new baby with this husband . I think you just have to know whats best for you - and also dont make that decision while in love with your brand new baby like I did

You can’t ask other people, you have to go with your heart and mind! Is it what you want! Are you for sure done having kids? Don’t do it unless you are 100% sure!

I have 5 kids and I got the IUD ( kylena) and I absolutely love it. Low hormones no period and good for 5 years. I didn’t have to go through surgery or worry about recovery . When I’m due I’ll just get another one.

I went on the shot after my 1st son, though about an IUD upon having my last 2 boys ages 1 and 2. I thought about having my right tube tied after my daughter was born a month ago (I lost left in 2020 with a ruptured ectopic). But I decided on the mini pill for now instead as they couldn’t tie my tube due to having an emergency C-section this time after 3 natural births. I see 2 obs at my ob office the older of 2 suggested an IUD or tying my tube, the other strongly suggested against IUD while breastfeeding, and due to my history of ectopic pregnancy, and strongly advised against tying my tube as again my history of ectopic pregnancy he feared I could potentially have more as well as the fact I’m 27 with 4 kids he didn’t want me to do it then few years from now decide I want another and have to travel a way from where I live as local offices don’t sue reversals or fertility treatment of any sort. So the minipill was my option as it’s safe for breastfeeding for the time being.

I have 5 kids and had mine tied years ago. I regret it now

My daughter in law got pregnant on an IUD.

Removed! Best decision ever!

Tubes tied at 38 after 5th child… my 1st/last girl. Tie them!!!

29 and 3 kids.

IUD was horrible for me. I kept getting uti like symptoms, bloated all the time and bled every 2 weeks. I opted to get my tubes removed. I have semi normal periods (start a little early, heavy bleeding the 1st few days) but no cramping or bloating. I’m glad I got my tubes removed.

I have 4 kids (3 girls/1 boy) and always wanted to be done by 30. I got pregnant with my boy (surprise) at 29 had him and got my tubes removed. I’m not gonna lie It is very bittersweet with him growing up (7 months now), but I am SO HAPPY / RELIEVED knowing I will not get pregnant again. As long as you’re happy with what you got and know you’re done you’ll be ok!

I am on my third IUD and I love it

I had an IUD.
1st it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I have a high pain tolerance had a c section and was scrubbing my tub and cleaning my house 1st night home.
After the IUD, I was vomiting and running a fever for hours. I was unable to drive myself home from
The appointment.

2nd the weeks and months following I started having this intense pain that would drop me to my knees no matter where I was. They swore it was not related but after 5 months I had it removed and I’ve never felt the pain again.


I had two kiddos by age 22. I decided to get a tubal ligation at 23. This is different then getting tubes tied. This just completely removes them. I had 2 stitches under my belly button and two right above my pubic bone. I’m now 30 so it’s been 7 years and I have never regretted my decision. Nothing health wise has changed. I have my period on time every single month! The recovery from the surgery was really easy, I had mild pain for maybe 3 days and was back to normal.
You don’t regret it, if your ABSOLUTELY sure! I knew without a doubt I was done!

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I had a friend get pregnant a few months after her tubes got tied and from what people say periods become unbearably worse after. Someone else I know got pregnant with an IUD in and then it got stuck and required surgery to remove, they had to abort the baby. Not trying to scare you from those two options it’s just what I’ve heard about the two. Has your man considered getting a vasectomy? (Assuming you only have one lover lol)

I have an IUD. I have some issues with it. If it’s an option for you I’d remove the tubes

I had the IUD and it was hella painful to have put in. BUT, it did its job. I finally decided two years ago that I never wanted more kids. I got my tubes tied. I don’t regret it at all. I did have severe bruising for weeks after, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

I have the IUD everybody body is different go with your heart

You can still conceive with an IUD and there is an increased risk of tubal pregnancies.

IUD is the most awful thing ever! If something goes wrong they will not take it out! And you’ll suffer!!!

I got the IUD almost 3 years ago, not nearly as painful for me as I expected after hearing everyone tell me how painful it was🤷🏻‍♀️. I cramped for a few hours after but nothing terrible. Only negative was how inconsistent my period was for the first year. For the first 9 months it seemed like it really never stopped. However all though I was having a period it was VERY LIGHT no need for tampon or pad just used liner. Fast forward to present and still having a period but seems like maybe every other month “I’ve lost track now lol” it’s so light that I don’t notice till I use the bathroom.
Hope this helps.

Got my tube’s out last year. Best decision ever

I have a Mirana. I got it after my 2nd child at the 6 week follow up appointment. It didn’t hurt at all but I also just had a child. It’s good for 8 years. First 4 yrs I had no period, just started getting my period again 6 months ago.

You are still young and might change your mind later. I had my last 2 at 35 and 38. My biological clock starting ticking around 34. Choosing not to have them and not being able to anymore was a struggle for me. I had my tubes tied after my last. My periods became unbearable and I ended up getting an hysterectomy.

Unless you are 100% certain you are done - don’t do anything permanent. Try an IUD. I have had one for 2.5 years now, the Mirena. I was crampy having it put in and crampy for a few hours after. Not bad at all, I recommend them.

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I have 4 and I was on the fence about the same thing mainly bc birth control doesn’t work for me the copper IUD was the only one I haven’t tried… when it come down to it I couldn’t handle loosing my chance to ever have another if I wanted to have one… we are hard on not having another one but it breaks my heart to think of loosing that part of me I went with the IUD and it’s been amazing I have them check it yearly to be sure it hasn’t relocated and I’m on 4 years of it and it’s been great!

IUDs should be illegal. So many horror stories about them implanting, becoming dislodged and worse.

Those are very different options. Tubes are permanent. IUD isn’t. If you’re done, get your tubes removed. If you aren’t done with kids, get an IUD. I had an ablation and tubes removed in 2019 and a total hysterectomy in 2021.

Had a tubal ligation at age 26 after the having three children. Never regretted it.

I have had my iud for 6 years . No issues!

I got mine removed after 2 kids best decision ever ! But I also knew I was done

I’ll play the other side of this and say getting a Tubal was the worst mistake ever. Unbearable periods, period pain, symptoms, all of it. I’ll be getting an ablation done to see if it helps and if not, have to resort to a hysterectomy. I also got sudden cystic acne following it and I never have had acne in my life and awful weight gain. Literally the worst experiences from it, body wise.

I had an IUD and had a constant period (light flow) all the time. I ended up getting my tubes tied (a section cut out and ends burned) after a year of dealing with the IUD and I have no regrets whatsoever. I had hardly any discomfort and only have a small scar above my hairline but it’s barely noticeable.

I wanted tied but was told IUD. After 5 years they still wouldn’t so husband got snipped.

Tubal Removal best decision ever, no birth control and hormones affect

I’m 26 with two children. Got my tubes tied. No regrets

I have had both. IUD was great. Took it out and had my third and got my tubes tied. Tubal ligation was VERY painful and I have had three csections with no pain meds after. It’s change my periods. They’re much heavier and longer but I don’t know for sure if that’s related or just due to being 35 now. Don’t do the tubal if you might want another baby. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I had my tubes tied at 27 after my 3rd child, 2 years ago on medical grounds but also knew I was done have any more children, that certainly hasn’t changed :sweat_smile:! However since having my tubes tied I have no words to say on how awful my periods are to the point (I wouldn’t want to describe​:sweat_smile::face_with_peeking_eye:) I’m waiting to have an operation for a womb abrasion xx

I had my tubes tied after my second, when I was 25. I’m now 36 and just had an IUD placed to regulate hormones. My periods have been terrible after my tubal. I would try an IUD before doing a tubal. You can remove an IUD, you can’t undo a tubal.

I’m 26 with two kids, got mine tied in 2019 and me personally, I regret it but I had to do it for my health

I had 2 iud’s one 4 year one back in 2012 and then had it replaced in 2016… finally had it removed in 2023 when the took my tubes… my side effects were some weight gain and loss of labido so that was annoying

I had my tubes removed after my second child around 4 years ago. Best decision I could’ve made. Before that I had an IUD and had nothing but problems with it.

I had an iud for years….when I was sure I didn’t want any more babies I got my tubes removed I’m happy with that decision……I have 4 kids 21 to 7 pregnancies are not easy for me and I’m in my 40’s I know have other health concerns that would be exaggerated by pregnancy……I’m over it!!! I’m very sure I’m over it! I’m ready to move on to the next phase in life and have been very much enjoying having big kids!!! 


I had my tube’s removed. My period now is worse then it’s ever been. I have horrible cramps, nothing works for them. I am so sick the day before. I get shoot pain down my legs, and I bleed so much heavier. Before this. I had a regular 5 day cycle light cramps the 1st day. I could use regular and light tampons. Now I have to use super plus, and super. That have to be changed every 2 hours. It horrible. When I had the hormonal IUD it caused cyst on my ovaries. You have do do what you think is best. This is just my personal experience. Good luck!

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Iud I had a tubal and regret it I can never have another baby if I want :broken_heart::sob: I have 6 already but only 4 with me

Periods are awful after tubal I wouldn’t recommend

I had an iud for 22 years the best thing ever!!

If your 100% sure done having kids just get them removed. I had mine removed after our third and haven’t had any issue. Recovery wasn’t bad .

I’ve had tubes tied and my periods changed! They aren’t super terrible but I’ve had some bad ones and cysts so if I could go back and undo I would and just go with an iud! There are changes with both options but for reasons if u change ur mind about kids I would go with the iud until u are certain about not having anymore

If you’re not sure, then don’t get them tied. Simple as that.

My sister and a couple of my friends got pregnant with the IUD. I had a tubal and it’s not bad but u also take a chance of a tubal coming undone after like 7yrs. I had my tubal 11yrs ago. Sometimes I have a little more pain with my periods but I’m not sure it’s from the tubal or something else.

I have an iud and my husband got fixed . Only reason is because I have a blood disorder and didn’t want to tie my tubes with the issues I have

Tubes tied, I had an iud got pregnant than lost her at 5 mths.

I had the IUD and got pregnant on it. Getting my tubes tied in the 18th of this month

I got the IUD had 4 babies by 27 cramped for a few hours after inserted but no problems since I don’t get a period I was on depo prior and never had a period with that eirher

I regretted the IUD. I had the copper one and I had severe bleeding every month (I had to wear a max pad with my super tampon) and the most horrible pain. I have 2 kids so my doctor offered me a tubal removal. Best decision I made!!

Everybody’s experiences with tying tubes and IUD’s are going to be different.

My periods before and after my tubal ligation are same.

I had the Mirena put in at 40 for hormone therapy, I bled forever, and had the worse cramping with it in. After 9 months of mAyBe It WiLl gEt BeTtEr, I had it removed. Eff that ish, lol.

My point, try IUD, then after a few months, make a decision.

I had the paraguard for 10years with no complications. I did have cramping during normal periods that I did not have prior. Other than that it was fine

Nexplanon worked for me :+1:
Small tube in your arm. Protects you for 3 years.

I’m 27 with 5 and just got an IUD :revolving_hearts: