Should 10 year olds watch Stranger Things?

My 8 year old loves it

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Yes, it’s fine for kids as long as they don’t have nightmares and know the difference between real and tv

My 5 year old accidentally streamed it when he got ahold of my phone. He watched a bit of it before I could shut it off. He didn’t seem to mind it. I assume a 10 year old can handle it. My favourite movie at the age of 5 was nightmare on elm street and that was scarier then stranger things.

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I think you should do what makes you feel comfortable. I personally wouldn’t let my 10 year old watch it. But that’s me.

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I think all of my kids have seen it, or at least some of it and, they range from 7-17. It’s really not that bad.

Depends on the kid. My 7yr old niece watches it, and I agree she’s old enough, but my 6yr isn’t allowed because they’re 2 completely different kids and mine can’t handle it where my niece can. :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s my 3 year olds favorite show.

I think they hear worse at school

My 8 year old is on season 4 now. She loves horror and creepy things. I believe if they don’t have nightmares, why not let them watch it? There’s no nudity, although I didn’t fast forward through a couple make out scenes, but my daughter is only 8.

It says a few cuss words. Otherwise it’s fine. Unless you have a very sensitive kid I think it’s fine
That’s one of the shows we can actually watch as a family because it holds the kids’ interest :woman_shrugging: my 5 and 10yo both watch with us.

I think it depends on the child

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My nine year old told me she watched it.

I’ve watched it before my kids did. There’s no nude parts. Just suggestive scenes but that’s it. It’s more of a preteen/teenage setting type horror series. If your kid is prone to nightmares easily I suggest not letting them.

My 4,5,8,& 9 year olds watch it with us. As long as they don’t have nightmares I don’t see the issue. If a part gets to scary they stop watching.

It’s a kids show for sure . I watched way worse at her age & grew up fine :joy:

They will learn, see and hear far worse at school. Not everyone is raising their children like you. Plus of you can teach your child the difference between tv and reality. That’d be greatA

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My youngest just turned 10 and we have watched every episode since season 1 was 1st out on Netflix…. Her and her sister who is 12 have even rewarded it all… They are obsessed lol 10yr old even chose a Stranger Things shirt as part of her Birthday outfit this yr. Lol

It’s a kid show. With a ton of kids actors…
What should she watch?

I depends on how mature your 10 year old is. All 5 of mine from ages 10-15 watch it.

My nine year old boy watches it, I just watch it with him so if he does hear or see something adult like I can talk to him about it or if I think a sex scene is coming up I fast forward but haven’t had to yet. We say ewwww when they kiss lol

Watch ut with her its not even a bad show. Its super good I watched it with my kids when it first came out. If anything she might want you to watch with her when it gets scary or sad haha.

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Stranger Things is not that bad

Hey I’m going to get them a backpack when I get my disability check on Friday

Yes. My daughter started it with us when it first came out years ago. She’s 11 now and just went through the latest season. It’s not an Inappropriate show at all.

My son is turning 12 tomorrow. It’s been his fave show since he watched it with me at 7. All depends on how she can handle that stuff.

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Both of my girls have watched part of it with us when we were watching it. (4,7)

Yes, my 9 year old has seen all seasons, we started watching it years ago now. Its a good series. With parental guidance I’d say for that age as there is curse words etc.