Should 10 year olds watch Stranger Things?

Should 10 year olds be watching the show stranger things? my daughter said she started watching it at her sleepver with her friend and tried watching it here with me but idk how i feel about it…should she watch it?


I haven’t seen the show but have heard about it. We did not censor what my son watched. Internet was not available at that time, so he couldn’t look up porn online. This was also when video games were starting to get what some called more violent. Many people were convinced that kids would become violent from playing these games and watching movies. In 1994 my son was 9, just to give you some context. We didn’t censor games. We taught him the movies and games were entertainment not real life. Before he was a teen was when warning labels started showing up on video games eventually leading to age restrictions on some, as well as with music. Same with movie ratings changing. My son is 37 now. HE IS MY GENTLE GIANT… 6’4" tall, not a beanpoll. He started a new elementary school at age 9. He was the one the kids went to if they were being bullied. My son did tolerate bullies throughout 12th grade. He never used violence to stop it. There is only ONE time he came close. On May 10, 2021 my now estranged husband beat me up. My son was at my place within 3 minutes of me telling him. If the police weren’t here there is a very good chance he would have hurt my ex very badly. My son is a responsible man. He treasures his daughter, and the time they spend together, she does not go without. He has a great job, There have been times over the years his boss has had to tell him to go home if he’s sick and I’m talking before Covid. He respects himself and others, has manners and uses them. He is the opposite of what parents were claiming kids would be if they played violent video games or watched violent movies. I think parents are making too much of a big deal over this. Your child will be what they will be regardless of TV, movies and video games. If you teach your child to live to be kind, caring and responsible, 95% will turn out the way you raise them. YOUR FEARS about anything could be passed on to your kids. You need to relax. Also, STAY AWAY FROM PARENTING BOOKS. Kids develop at their own pace.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should 10 year olds watch Stranger Things?

I just Google searched it lol but I’d go by your gut. She may try to watch it either way :woman_shrugging:t3:

It’s really up to the child’s maturity level. If it isn’t causing her distress or harmful behavior then there is no problem.

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It’s gory and suspenseful, but it depends on your child’s personality. My niece is 10 and is watching it too, and she handles that stuff really well. I’ve known other kids who were still scared of Nemo’s mom dying at 10 lol.

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Feel like it depends on how mature your kid is tbh. There’s definitely some parts that are scarier than others but nothing outright inappropriate. Idk I was watching Buffy at that age and I feel like they’re similar-esque


It’s not that bad, hell I let my kids watch Chucky and it’s scarier … Just guess depends on you. I watched it all it’s a good show. But to reach there own.

Not the new season it’s way too much and I’m not talking about the scary parts

I let my 3 yr old son watch chain saw mascare lol


My 10 year old watched it. It didn’t scare him. He loved it. I think it depends an the maturity of the child

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My daughter is ten and we watched it together. She loved it. I watched it myself first and then told her that it can be very scary. And she had few moments (as did I) that we watched it in the hall sitting on the dtairs until the scary music stopped in the living room tv :joy::face_with_peeking_eye:.

My kids are 10 and 11 and have watched all seasons. We watched them together. They would turn on “kissing parts” and roll their eyes but as far as being scared, they are not. Since they were little we have always watched scary movies. They’ve watched all Chucky and Friday 13th movies. So I guess it depends.

Following bc my 11 year old asked me and I’m too busy to give the show a pre watch lol

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It depends on how mature she is. Your call.

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I used to watch horror movies as a kid, as long as you tell her it’s make believe and makeup she’ll be fine

My kids watched the walking dead in the womb lol

Mine do
There isn’t any thing wrong with any of the series’s

Every child is different. If you feel like it’s to much then it probably is.

The only things I censor from my kids is movies containing full nudity and things that will give them nightmares…which my 7 year old can watch more things than my 10 year old.


Think it depends on the kid. I personally don’t think it’s too bad.

My 5 year old LOVES it

Our 4yr old watches it with my husband and I :woman_shrugging:t2: she likes it lol

My 8 year old watched 4 seasons before we started it lol

8 year old loved it.

My 10yr old is a fan of stranger things!

My kids watch it my daughter is 8 and son 10 it’s there favorite show

My 10 yo and 12 grands love it as does their mom but it also depends on maturity level and In your house do you watch scary shows on the norn ? My daughter’s fam could watch them 24/7 and not be affected.

My son is 8 and he is obsessed with it all my kids have an horror imagination dont understand why cause i sure dont
He has even promised his year 2 teacher he will not watch season 4 and he hasnt but i have alot of drawin he had sone of tbe demodogs the mindflare its strnge alright :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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My kids loved it
I only sensor full blown sex, nudity and violence. Everything else is pretty fair game for ua

Watch the first few episodes with her! It’s a really good series. If you watch it’ll help you decide.

My girls loved it, they were young when it started. My now 12 year old I think was 9, she had no bad dreams or anything. But, my kids are pretty mature. I watched it with them.

Your the parent love you decide.! Why does it matter what we think or say you do you Mamma xx


Depends on the child. - I guess alot of kids try to measure up to other kids aswell.

My 7 year old doesn’t like scary things (so when I started watching it - an first time I heard something she may not like, i turned it off and watched it at night when she was in bed.

Although she loves the stranger thing song and thinks she has powers with the arm mind thing she does. Lol

My 6 year old is fine with it lol she’s not interested but she’s watched some of it. Usually just plays in the room while hubby and I watch. You know your kid better than we do. I couldn’t have handled it when I was younger but my daughter loves creepy scary stuff!

she can…and you can join her in watching it too…start from the first episode…you might also get hooked in the series…and when she has questions…you are by her side to explain things…(I love stranger things):heart::heart:

I think it depends on the kid, only because it could be a little creepy to some. I under estimated my 10 year old though, I thought she’d be coming in my room in the middle of the night crying. But now she’s a super fan lol. If she’s watched it already and doesn’t seemed creeped out in my opinion it’s pretty child appropriate.

I don’t allow my kids to watch full nudity/ sex scene… they didn’t have problems with nightmares or anything though… and we always explained that it was just a movie…ect… you can’t really do that in real life, people would die, yada yada…( my kids are 28,24,16,8… yes all mine​:joy:…yes 20 yrs between my first and last, yes same dad, yes still married​:joy::heart:)
They didn’t like to watch things that were to scary by themselves when they were little ( and still with my 8 yr ) but would definitely love to watch one all together, and we love scary/ zombie/ killing movies :joy::joy:
I don’t see a problem with it as long as your child is ok watching “ stranger things “… pun intended :rofl:

If you are speaking on her age. Yes she should be able to watch it. As that I don’t know her personally I can’t ask. My my 3 year old likes it when I was watching it.

If a 10-year-old doesn’t know the difference between reality and fiction then that says a lot about the parents.

You’re the parent, you decide. My 6 year old has seen some of it. He really only cares about the demogorgons and lost interest when he realized they’re not in every other scene lol

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My 9 year old watches it with her dad. I sometimes join in but doesn’t really catch my attention

My 8 yr old son is obsessed with it

I let my 4 year old watch it, he likes monster stuff, he even thought that he have the power of eleven everytime we enter the mall and the doors opens automatically and calls himself seven eleven😅 but still it depends on your child if they can handle it. You can always stop them if they look uncomfortable with the movie.

My friends girl watched it at age 10 and she was fine and liked it

My 10 year old is almost through all of them. Every kid is different. For mine, I have no issues with it.

My 8 year old would hide on the stairs when we watched it. We decided if he’s not having nightmares, he can watch it. It’s a really good series.

All my kids watch it. Youngest is 4 oldest is 13. If they don’t want to watch a certain scene they can choose not to. They’re bright enough to understand it’s not real. We love it :heart_eyes:

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I would let her if she can handle it and her not get scared or nightmares. My daughter is 12 and has watched it from the start and loves it

It depends a lot on the child and the household. Stranger Things, especially in the earlier seasons, is a good introduction to the horror genre if your kid is interested. I was reading Goosebumps and watching lighter horror (Stephen King movies, cheesy unrealistic slashers, Twilight Zone and Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt) before ten years old, so I think Stranger Things would be pretty appropriate from a personal standpoint.

My niece watches it… and she’s in 2nd or 3rd grade

Different children are ready at different ages to watch things like this. My 2 (currently 15 and 8) watch anything they want. They were brought up watching horror films and shows etc so not much bothers them. My 8 year old even sleeps with a talking Pennywise Teddy it’s his fave. But some kids would be scared, you’re the parent it’s up to you to decide x


My 8yo son watches it

Depends on the kid.
My 11 has watched all of it.
It’s her absolute favourite show. She has t-shirts, posters. Is OBSESSED with the 80s.

My 9 almost 10yo however? Not a chance yet. He’d have nightmares for weeks.

My daughter and I watched it together and we loved it. She’s 12 and we will be having a Stranger Things birthday party in October for her. We also watch horror movies so honestly it depends on the child.

My daughter is 10 she just started watching it this year and she loves it

I don’t see an issue.

My 8 year old cousin is obsessed with it

Is she reenacting what she’s watching is she having nightmares if not what’s the issue

It depends on each child and the family. Some families don’t let children watch scary things while other families allow it. If you don’t feel comfortable then don’t let your child. I’ve let my 11 year old watch scary movies since she was young. She knows it’s just actors and that the real monsters walk among us everyday.

My 9 year love that show.

My 7 year old loves it

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My 7y old watched it . She’s fine with it so am I

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My almost 9 year old watches it with us. He did get a little scared at first but he loves it now.

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Some people don’t let their kids experience life and it shows, that being said I don’t think stranger things has anything too bad I mean there is a scene in season 1 where there’s implied intimacy if I’m remembering correctly but it’s a fairly all audience acceptable show with some other implied usage in later seasons with the pizza boy but other than some jump scares and some blood where some people get eaten by the demogorgon it’s fine I’d probably let my kids watch it

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My son is 8 and we watch it together

My 11 year old is watching it now .

My 10 year and 8 year watch it. They love it! If your kid doesn’t scare easily then its fine. There’s no sex but some cuss words. Not the f word though…

my 8 year old LOVES that show, she’s actually the one who got me hooked lol

My 8 year old loves it! He love scary moves too

My ten year old LOVES it.

My 6 and 3 year olds watch it with us🤷🏽‍♀️ but they both love scary stuff like me and their dad

The kids are 11 when it starts, so why not?

Um hell yea. We watch as a family. Phenomenal show.

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I let my kids decide when they’re ready. Helps them become good decisions making adults too! My newly 7 year old has been watching it on and off for a while. My 12 year old tried when she was 10, but didn’t feel good about it, so she started again recently and she’s fine with it now.

My 7 year old loves it!
It depends on the child. My daughter loves creepy and dark things so she does fine

My son who just turned 11 watched it.

If they can handle it I don’t see anything particularly wrong with it. It’s scary but not really anything too mature in other content.

Yes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the show.

My 9 year old told me about it

My 10 year old does and her five year old sister was hanging out with her one day and now is in love with it

I let mine watch pretty much anything without nudity she’s a horror fanatic like me​:joy::joy::joy:

Hell we were watching childs play at age 6 in the 90s and south park way worse imo🤣

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Yes my 10 year old watches it and my 6 year old twins also they love scary stuff !

my 10 year old does even has a school backpack of it lol shes a huge fan just ordered her some posters for her room to

I was worried about the older teen sister and her boyfriend but I don’t think they do anything too bad. I worry about nudity and sex more than scary with my kids

My 7/8 year old watched it with me. He loves it. It all depends on what the kid is comfortable with

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My 8 year old loves it

My son is 11 and I have no problem with letting him watch it. They do swear so watch out for that, but overall it’s all right

As long as your child has the ability to tell the difference between real and pretend I’d let her watch it.

My 6 year old loves it :rofl:


My 11, almost 10 and 7 year old have all watched it. If she’s into it and it’s not scary for her let her.

My 9 year old watches it. Has since it came on. But I feel like it really depends on the maturity level of the child.

She’s 10, not 2. Some of the actors are young themselves. It’s not a rated TVMA show so she’s fine. As long and it’s not giving her nightmares let her watch.

My 10yr old started watching it when it came out. He loves it.

My 11 year did…3 times through! He loves the show