Should 10-Year-Olds Wear Crop Tops?

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"Is it okay for a 10-year-old to wear a crop top? It barely even shows her belly button so i dont think its terrible but my mom literally judged my parenting for what I “allowed” her to wear. But she is confident and comfortable… so who I am to tell her anything…"

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"I do and I let my daughter as well. It’s just clothes. Coming from someone that had a strict dad that didn’t let me wear those types of things, I changed the second I was out of his sight"

"My daughter wears them. She’s comfy and likes them. Don’t sexualize my kid who is happy and comfortable."

"It’s up to you. I would let her it’s harmless. Caving on little things like that will prob give you better relationship with her too. Will be a bonus later on for you when she is a teen. Lol i would sneak out the crop top and change, my mom said NO"

"My daughter is a competive dancer and wears crop tops all the time at 8 for dance. She has long legs and a shorter torso so they do fit her body type better. It’s just a belly button. She obviously can’t wear them to school as it’s against dress code."

"I say no but you are her mom and if you think it’s ok then let her wear it"

"My 11 year old wears them but makes sure her pants cover her stomach."

"My 10yo wears them. She’s a kid. She looks and acts like a kid. Perverts will go after a child regardless of what they’re wearing."

"In my opinion, Your child should be able to wear what she wants. She is trying to figure out who she is and how to express herself."

"It’s the style right now. Pair the crop with some high waist jeans and she will be fine."

"It sounds like you already know what you’re comfortable with and your mom was projecting her own judgments onto you. Do what you think is best, it really doesn’t matter what the rest of us think."

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