Should 8 and 9 Year Olds Bike to School on Their Own?

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"would you let your 8 and 9 year old bike to school on their own every day? my neighbor constantly lets their kids bike to school and i feel like they are too young…i drive my kids daily and find myself watching them ride their bike to make sure they are beind safe and no one is stealing them…it gives me so much anxiety that she lets them do this…we cannot see the school from our houses and neither of them have phones…i have offered to drive them and she declined saying they have way to school…i just feel like they are way too young for this…"

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"How far is the school…blocks or miles?"

"Not your kids, it’s up to that mom to decide what she deems old enough.​"

"I use to when I was a kid from 7 on yeah I’d let mine."

"At that age my boys stayed home alone. As did I when I was that age. My bus stop was far from my house and had to walk always to get home. They also took their bikes out at that age and road around the apartments with out me watching them. Personally I encourage independence"

"that’s not too young and they probably really enjoy it"

"Its none of your business really"

"I walked or rode my bike to school when I was about that age, maybe 10. Honestly though, it’s not really any of your business. Do you know what’s going on in your neighbor’s life that lead them to that decision? Or are you just being nosy af?"

"Sounds like you should mind your business. If I knew someone was following my kids I would lose my composure. You addressed it with the parents. They gave you an answer. Move along."

"Yes. They’re together. They have a buddy system. Are they crossing a freeway or something?"

"I sold meth for my mom from ages 8 to 12. Riding to school was the safest thing l did at age 8."

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