Should a woman propose?

question is ladies what is your take on a woman asking a man to marry. I wanna be different and we have talked about it and I wanna make it happen and if so what is some ideas to propose. His likes is gaming related things and also marvel and DC things.


maybe next trip to comic con? just pop the question

I asked mine to marry me…

I would say go for it! Also I like the comic Con idea

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As my brother was sky diving his (now ex :speak_no_evil:) asked him to marry her by holding up a huge sign when he was dropping.

If you’re a gamer too plan something funny around his favorite game

Oh wow. You go girl. Take control. That’s def not me tho. I want a man to ask me for sure.

How about having a date night to Avengers:Endgame and ask then :blush: if you are ready that quick…

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Since Resident Evil 2 Remake (assuming he’s a Resident Evil fan) just came out, tell him “I would face Mr. X head on with you.” To those of you who do not know, Mr. X is an unkillable monster who patrols the game and stalks you with the intent of killing you and the scariest thing about him is his thunderous footsteps, which signal he’s nearby. I attached a video for you to have an idea what Mr. X is like. You’ll know him when you see him. Nothing says “I love you” like saying you’ll face Mr. X with your SO in the gaming community.

Watch Leap Year! I know leap year is almost a year away, but the idea behind the tradition is cute!

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I say it’s 2019. If a woman wants to propose to a man she can.

I asked my husband to marry me we have been married 15yrs this year

I say go for it! Maybe after a superhero movie? I wouldn’t do it in public though personally.

My so and babys dad asked me to marry him when we were together for six months, we’re almost three and a half years in now and I thought about getting him a ring hed like and asking him as kinda like hey you asked me super early and I said yes, three years later still going strong and ima ask to renew the fact that we still love each other just the same

Personally I wouldn’t get married unless I wanted children otherwise just live together things will go much better

I wouldn’t marry him because as you say he likes gaming related things, marvel and DC. Not once did you say what you liked together. My ex liked all those things and turned out he was still just a little boy.

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