Should babies have pacifiers at 8-months-old?

Thoughts about kids having a pacifiers after 8 months?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should babies have pacifiers at 8-months-old?

My thoughts are I’ll parent how I see fit, and everyone else should do the same :relaxed:

My daughter had hers til 4 :smirk: middle son didn’t take one, youngest til 2.


I think my kids were almost 2. I feel I waited too long but their teeth turned out normal. As for myself I remember mine haha I had a weird nickname for it too! My teeth turned out fine too…so it’s a Mama discretion :blush::heart:

My older3 kids had them till they were 3. The dentist told me they could have them until their baby teeth fell out. My youngest is 6 and sucks her thumb, her mouth is messed up. Do as YOU see is right fir you baby.

Mines almost 10 months and still has her. Prob won’t ween her off until a few months before preschool if she hasn’t stopped by then.

My son stopped around 10 months after first couple teeth came in. Most of the time pediatricians want them off by their first birthday. I think as long as it’s not interfering with their teeth they’re good.

Mine does at almost a year. But only for bedtime and at his dad’s he doesn’t at all.

I personally don’t believe in them so my kids never had them. But I think the recommended age is 6 months.

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I took my first away at 1 year

I’m getting close to breaking the habit as he don’t seem interested anyways

Alot of adults have sookies of one form or another

I personally don’t like them ever