Should Boys Have Their Ears Pierced?

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"My 8 year old boy asked if he could get ears pierced for his birthday…i want to take him to do it but his dad ( not together) is very against boys getting ears done because its “girls only”…my heart is breakin as he really wants to do this but i dont want his dad trying to take them out…what should i do?"

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"Do what you feel comfortable With. Dad’s don’t always know best. If your son wants it and consents. Do it. Chances are he’ll do what my youngest son did. Love them a few months. Take them out and holes close up. No such thing as girls only piercing. Let him be mad. Be the hero to your child."

"I would get him the fake earrings so he can wear them at home. I know all kinds of boys and men that wear their ears pierced in many ways for many reasons. Your ex is being VERY sexist, and he’s not that far from being homophobic depending on where he takes his stance. He needs to grow up."

"Not sure what to do but I just had my daughters done about 2 months ago. She’s 10. Two little boys went ahead of her. It’s not for girls only. It’s not like he can’t take them out if there’s ever a time he doesn’t want them anymore. My husband had his done as a kid. He took them out during his teenage years."

"Boys can have them too. My 7 year old mentioned he may want to get his ears pierced last year. Now that I’m taking his 3 month old sister to have her’s done, he said he definitely does want it. So I will be getting them both done the same day. If he wants them done, let him have them."

"Everyone is going to have input to what you do with your child. I am the step mother to two beautiful young girls my oldest before her 13th wanted her ears pierced for second time. We told her no for months, mom said she wanted them done at a Claire’s in the mall after talking with her she adamantly said no no no I want them done professionally . A few months later we got them done at a professional tattoo shop. Mom was adamantly upset saying she never gave permission. All I’m saying is you are as much a parent as your ex is. Discuss pros and cons and pros and cons of him saying no and you saying yes."

"My 14 year son has his ears done, I made him wait until he was 13 and took him to a tattoo shop, he’s now 14.5 years old and he gaged his ears."

"My husband has his ears pierced. He wears earrings more than I do."

"Do it… Your boy is only little for a short while… Make him happy and be the best mumma ever… My boys all have theirs done, it’s very common these days…"


Depending on your state, you don’t have the authority over your step son without a court approved authority. His father and mother yes. Be careful.