Should dad be expected to pay for half of school pictures?

When kids get pictures at school/daycare do u make the dad pay half or do u just give him some?He expects me to hand some over… but didn’t help pay for them…


Did you give him the option to buy any? If not, then give him some. If you did and he said no. Then I wouldn’t give him any.


They are pictures, Big deal. What did it cost you $50.00. Are you going to give out ALL thoes pictures, probably not. Keep what you want and give the rest to him or tell him next year he buys the pictures. Pick your battles.


He can order his own if he wants copies.


Does he help with other things ? If he contributes to the other things the child needs then I would say just give him some. But if your doing it all by yourself and he’s not helping then hell yeah charge him per picture! :joy:

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To me it just depends on how much of an ass he’s being. If he’s being halfway tolerable and otherwise helpful or down on money and I’m not struggling more than normal myself, I’d just give him a few. If he’s being hateful and unhelpful in everything else I’d give him the info to buy his own and call it a day. School pictures to me aren’t a hill to die on. However I’m also one who in broke times have dressed my two girls up super nice and picked great locations and taken my own “school pictures”. I make sure they take the yearbook pics every year but how many of us actually have the spring pictures our parents spent booty tons on?

Does he pay child support? Did you tell him school pictures were coming up? Did you tell him if he wants some he has to chip in? I always order way too many and have a ton left so I have plenty to share with anyone whom wants one. What else and I going to do with them?

Does dad pay child support? If so he’s paying for his pictures. And besides, why do you want to not simply give him a picture? Do you make other family members pay for theirs? Try to work together for your child’s sake!


If you asked him and let him know about the school pictures and he didn’t want to contribute then no. I always gave my ex the option if he wanted to go halves or buy some etc.

Sometimes we split it but sometimes I pay for it and just give him some and sometimes he does the same. It all depends on what your co parenting relationship looks like and how willing you both are to compromise


For me I just pay for the pictures and give my sons dad one… for me I think buying the pictures is an elective since those don’t need to be bought…


My kids dad has always paid child support so I always gave him pictures. I don’t see what the big deal is. Its just a picture! My children are grown now. I don’t understand what it is with parenting now days. Smh


Me and my kids dad make separate orders for pictures lol I do have to remind him a few times before deadlines but We have also split on packages before too. Lol


I’m trying to figure out why so many people think if the dad pays child support, he should get free pictures? :thinking: Moms support their kids and take care of them most of the time, and they don’t get free pictures. School pictures are expensive. She paid for them, so she gets to decide who she gives them out to. If dad wanted pictures, he could have ordered some.

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If you didn’t talk about it before hand and you already bought them I would just give him some. If it was brought up before school pictures and he didn’t help then no. Like they say pick and choose your battles🤷


Depends on how much he pays on child support.

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If he is paying child support then technically he is paying…give him some.


If he didn’t help pay he wouldn’t get half. But I would definitely give him a few small ones

Buy a frame for a 5x7 or 8x10. Let your child give it to dad as a birthday or Christmas present. Kids love to give presents! Maybe even have your child make a frame. I realize that is your ex but that is you child’s dad forever. To often we think of ourselves and what we want first.

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Mine never did but I still gave him some. He never paid for anything outside of his court ordered child support and as soon as our shared kids were 18 he stopped completely, even though they went on to college.

My sons dad paid 600 a month in child support- I just gave him the pics - why be petty - especially if they are paying child support

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Half the time we didnt know about it and when i did ask about it it was either i already did and ill give you one or no i didnt have the extra money had she asked we absolutely would have ao i just stopped asking about it

That’s petty as hell honestly in my opinion. I wouldn’t think he needs to help pay for pics tho it would be nice. Pics are an option something like Dr’s bill I would say he should help. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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They are pictures of the kids you had together. Regardless of who paid for them, each parent deserves some pictures no questions asked.

I know with my ex? He only wants a 5 by 7 or 8 by 10 of each kid, he doesn’t want the full package because he doesn’t have anyone really to give them to. I don’t expect him to pay half of the package I buy when I’m sending most of the pictures to MY family. I just spend the extra few dollars for the package with 2 8 by 10 in it and give him one. It’s literally like an extra $15 or so for all 3 kids packages. He covers half of all their other expenses and steps up to help pick up from after school activities when I have to work and helps with getting them to and from appointments. Why am I going to nitpick over school pictures?

I buy them, take a picture of them and ask him if he wants some. If he says yes, I give him some and he pays $20, the package I’d at least $60.

Just charge him for what u give him if he doesn’t want to pay keep them… My ex would buy his portion or not get any…

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I gave my daughter’s dad the option of buying his own and he did then I mailed him his set (he lives in another state).

I send dad the link and code on the paperwork to order his own

I’m not dad but baby mama makes Grandma pay for hers

We do half and half…although it’s gotten so expensive we just pay for the digital copy and go on our own to print what we need.

Give him the info to order his own pictures for himself & family. You order for yourself & your family.

Personally I feel school pictures are a rip off. They’re very low quality, don’t show your kids personality & you only get 1 pose which is the same as every other child’s school picture. I take my kids pictures on their birthday. I use props that show what they’re into at that age & let them pose. Even being an amateur photographer mine are nicer pictures that you pay an arm & leg for through school.

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If your going to hand some over to others in your family then give him some.

You buy yours. He buys some if he wants some.

I buy my package, but I will usually forward the code to him or grandma on that side that way ur not letting him slide but not being petty with a small wallet pic.

I would give him a couple. He is the father and he shouldn’t have to be treated like crap and not get one or 2.

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I have always sent him the order form and said if he wants some he can order his own

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Give him the code and details of where he van order them


Does he pay child support? If so, stop being petty…


yes, father of my oldest pays half of EVERYTHING. she is half his so…

Give him 1 just like everyone else gets

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If you told him about the photos and he didn’t pay then, no don’t hand any over.

If you didn’t notify him about photos being taken then, I would give him one or 2 but, I would make copies of them and keep the originals for myself.

I buy my own set , and he buys his own set.
We do share if asked

Stop being petty. It’s time to grow up.

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Nope whoever filled in the consent form pays

Just give him a picture of his child


It’s just a pic of his kid. Just give it to him. Some people are so petty smh