Should Dad Send Baby Back in Clothes He Was Sent In?

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"Do you think it’s fair that dad sends baby back in same clothes she was sent in? A little back story is that we recently broke up but he doesn’t pay child support or buy her things like bottle diapers wipes shoes clothes etc. And he only gets her on his days off which is the weekend same days off as me , so I work Monday-Friday and take care of my daughter through out the week and when I do ask him for help he says he has a busy work week . I’m starting to get really frustrated I don’t know what to do any suggestions?"

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"Why is it such a big deal that he sends her back in the clothes that you sent to center in that just means he’s keeping his stuff for his house and sending your stuff back I mean I’d be okay with that"

"From experience, I think whatever the child wore to their dad’s, they should wear home, washed of course. That way he has clothes for his place and you have clothes for your place."

"I would 100% want them sent back in clothes I sent them in or clothes sent home with them. You have to have a discussion though, if they have their own clothes at both houses. If he doesn’t send your clothes back with your child, I would be sending her back in his clothes, or an outfit that was cheap and I wouldn’t care if I got it back. Discussion should be had, and not just assumed though."

"As long as the clothes are clean and not dirty I don’t see the problem with it."

"We send my bonus daughter back in the same clothes her mom sends her in, washed and cleaned of course. But we do that so her mom can keep her clothes and we dont have to lose the nice clothes we have. I don’t see an issue with the clothes."

"I coparent with my daughters dad. And when she comes home to me she has clothes here and she has clothes at her dads. The only time we would want certain clothing back is if like a outfit we bought and it’s a special occasion wear or if a family member bought and it stays at that parents house. It’s not really a big deal"

"Be happy your getting your clothes back. My ex use to keep the clothes my son went in and send back underwear and jeans too small."

"It is pretty normal, as if he kept the clothes you sent her in, that would prob be an issue too… Just let it go."

"Forget about him and sue for child support"

"This is hard if hes just being respectful cool but like do you believe she stays in them same clothes alll weelend that’s not okay"

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