Should Dad's Pay Child Support if They Have 50/50 Custody?

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"How is it fair that dad has to pay child support to mum , when everything for the child is 50/50 including care ( one week dads / one week Mums ) ?? Mum lives in brand new house with new partner & partner has. Great job etc. Dad is living with his parents as he works casual and needs help to look after the child, but still on his income as to pay a % to her for child support ?!"

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"If it’s 50/50 the only time where CS MIGHT be appropriate is if there is a huge wage gap between the parents but even then it’s iffy"

"Nope! They share time and expenses"

"I have 50/50 every other week for my two oldest kids and my ex husband doesn’t pay CS. He could have if I had asked for it, but he usually pays for half of any extra curricular activities, half of school supplies and they provide their own clothes/shoes for their house."

"If she pays for kids health insurance, co-pays and buys the clothes and essentials YES"

"Too many factors to ask such a loaded question."

"Who pays health care costs? Who pays for clothing? Who manages healthcare appointments? Who pays for extracurricular activities?"

"Everything is based off income regardless of 50/50"

"Depends on the state and the case itself. There’s not enough info here to say yes or no that he should be paying."

"There’s a lot of factors to be considered. The court decides how child support is give"

"It’s based upon income of father and mother and how many overnights. It does not matter that mom has a boyfriend and a nice house. And the father lives with his parents. That is their choice they made. The court will help decide based on the guidelines you can’t agree to zero either."

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