Should I be careful and concerned?

Or is my anxiety making me over think this. My boyfriend posted on his Snapchat a pic of a song about basically a man and woman who are good friends they know their always going to have a good time together they drink on weekend talking about having sex etc. With the caption. This song will put you in a good mood and that he been listening to it on repeat. He didn't share it with me personally or say anything. Could he be thinking of someone while listening? Why else would a man play that on repeat if he can't relate somehow. I mean is the beat to it really that good? Please don't be rude. I feel honestly like he has come to hate me and completely detached. We don't get together on the weekends where we can just have one on one time like that. He's always preoccupied with his game and talking to his friends on the headphones.

Ask him. Be straight up because you’ll never really know the answer until you ask. I would say “so I saw that Snapchat where you were talking about that song, why do you like it so much?” See what he says and go from there. If he says something dumb or short I would bring up how you were just curious because you guys kind of seem to be growing apart & if it made him think of you.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I be careful and concerned?

Trying talking to him but honestly sound like he’s trying to get with someone else.


Nothing to it. Just a song. Some songs just hit you in the feels. Regardless of what it’s talking about. I listen to songs like that as does my husband.


Always trust your first instinct


It doesn’t sound like he is trying to get with someone else, it’s sounds like he is already getting with someone else. Women have great instincts it is a blessing and a curse at the same time. If you really wanna know confront him about and just ask him. You need to be prepared for the answer though, sometimes we as women ask questions that we really do not want the answer to. If you pray then pray about. God will show you everything you need just follow him and sit back and be patient it will happen faster than you know it and your eyes will open wide. Good luck darling. One day you will find someone who deserves your amazing self. Hopefully I am wrong and he is just trying to make you jealous and he isn’t seeing anyone just pretending to be. Stay safe and I pray everything works out for you. What’s the name of that song I wonder?


What’s the song?!?!:sweat_smile:


Your boyfriend is a little boy ! If he’s choosing to play video games over spending time with you that’s a huge no no to me . That’s what little boys do. If I was you I would treat him the same way. When he wants to do something , be on FaceTime with a friend or something the whole time and ignore him. Post a sexy picture on snap . I’m petty so that’s what I could do :woman_shrugging:t2:


Sounds like he wanted one of his snap friends to see it
Or you to see it

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I think us as women tend to piece things together that don’t always go together. I think the underlying issue is that he is choosing to do other things on weekends than spend them with you. I think your feeling a bit pushed to the side and you two have become more distant than you would like. I would address this situation and talk to him about it and how it makes you feel. I think the song is just that, a song. I think he likes it for whatever reason(the tune, the singer, the beat) I really wouldn’t look too much into the song. I mean I was jamin to lollipop by lil Wayne in 8th grade and wasn’t thinking about sucking d•ck :woman_shrugging:our minds get the best of us sometimes but maybe listen to the song and you might like it too! Good luck!

I bet his thinking of ur mum while listening to this song :100:


Has he always been into music?
If so coming from someone who has anxiety themselves and also loves music. In a relationship for almost 12 years very happily. When a song comes out and I’m feeling it’s beat and words and it’s just a great song with a great beat regardless of its context sometimes. The beauty of music is you can interpret not just the words but the way the actual music makes you feel :heart: i listen to many different types that if my husband thought it was about him if it was a depressing love song or hookers in the club. I’d be sad :joy:
With that said I think you have nothing to worry about but again being a person with anxiety just ask if your gut wants you too. It helps :heart:


Idk I don’t relate to poppin mfer’s and snorting lines and yet I love rap music. You don’t have to relate to vibe. 🤷🏻


That’s a good way to make him cheat.


What you gonna do, have your avatar go into his game and kick his butt, or maybe take a sledgehammer to his bluetooth? you cant make someone grow up, just be glad you arent married yet so you can evaluate the merits and the flaws

Trust your gut you’re not crazy… that’s why it’s called a woman’s intuition love.


People aren’t even allowed to just like a song these days :joy:
I mean I love Doja Cat’s You Right song but that doesn’t mean I’m cheating or thinking about cheating
I’m sending a guilty conscience here…


I would trust your gut. But talk to him. But at the sametime, if he doesn’t even try to see you, I would cut my losses. I understand if a boyfriend had a long week and wants to chill at home, but if it’s constantly, you deserve better.


He likes a song? Everyman listened to songs getting involved with your feelings doesn’t mean your thinking about someone else it could just be a side step from reality let the man have he’s escapes and stop overthinking it to much


I’m going to be honest with you, 90% of the time when I listen to a song, the lyrics don’t even register with my brain, and I don’t know why lol.

Anything slow like country or even a lot of rock music I will hear the lyrics. But a lot of times I have to listen to a song a million times to even separate the beat from the words the artist is speaking.

I don’t know if that makes sense, but bottom line he might just like the beat and song. I wouldn’t worry about that at all, honestly.

BUT if he is weirdly detached and ignores you and just games, that’s a whole other issue that has nothing to do with his snap music. Talk to him about that. Your gut is always right, you should NEVER be with someone who makes you question your self worth. :heart:

If it bothers you bring it up casually be like hey I listened to that song you posted and honestly I worried it might be about you and someone other than me and I wanted to ask you about it to ease my mind (especially if he knows you have anxiety) and it just made me anxious, and I think a good man if there’s no foul play going on will take you into his arms and tell you everything is okay and it’s just a song that gives me good mood vibes there’s nothing more to it than that and reassure you it’s okay to be anxious but you also have to communicate with your partner otherwise it will spiral out of control


Don’t question your instinct

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Some of you females that post in here are always tripping. If you dont trust your man then leave.


How is this mama related? I’m sick of seeing high school bs on here.


Does every song you like or get stuck on resonate with your life? I’m guessing NOT. Newsflash people can like a song or the vibe a song gives, and it has NOTHING to do with their life :woman_facepalming:t2:. For his sake just walk away……cause some ones being a lil cray


It could be just like how Half the female population is jamming to Taylor’s Version this weekend. Ask him!! Talk to him!!

Get out of your own head…if you can’t have an adult conversation and ask him… instead of a bunch of strangers on FB…i think you have your answer


He’s actually reaching out to you…enjoy the love you have…

I love certain songs for the feelings they give me. I’ve ALWAYS felt the music when I’m happy, and felt the lyrics when I’m hurting. There are some songs that I am into for the beat, but when I really hear the lyrics I can’t listen anymore. Could be nothing. Could be something though. Talk to him. How he responds to a calm conversation about how you feel can tell you everything you need to know.

I think you should leave. Doesn’t matter what he’s doing (or not doing) you’re not happy.


Yall sound young… and whats the song?

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Why would you even entertain the idea of sticking around for someone who obviously loves his toys more than you. I would be long gone, find someone to enjoy your life with…


I would handle the fact you feel like he hates you and doesn’t spend time with you… not worry about the song or social media clearly there’s bigger issues


I feel like guys do not listen to songs the way we do! Girls hear/think about the subliminal message to a song where as most guys are just like okay nice beat, nice flow, catchy… I like it.

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Ask him outright… I am sure with his reaction u will get ur answer…

With his comments that he made along with the song, it is definitely dedicated to someone…

U just need to figure out if it was u or not…

surely if it was u he would have mentioned u or tagged u???

gut instinct… powerful thing

I’m a metalhead and will post Lil Nas X songs because they are good and get stuck in my head. Communication is key. Ask HIM instead of Internet strangers.

I’d say he is creeping. Ditch him.


I vibe with songs on repeat a lot. I vibe with songs about wanting casual sex, about heartbreak, about everything under the sun. If I like I like it and I’ll listen to it on repeat for a bit till a new song catches my attention. Ive been with my guy for 11 years and the lyrics don’t mean anything to me personally I just like it, it can be catchy and good and while it may not apply I get it and I vibe with it.
If your really worried about it you should talk to him about it.


I’m curious as to what the song is?

Umm :thinking: I do that!! Mines on Alexa and I dance too!! Should my husband be worried?

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Something other than the song triggered your post. And from experience if you feel it in you gut and not your heart then you don’t need an answer you proba ly know what you should do. With that being said, why don’t you find out straight from him… And don’t shout and accuse… Talk… As if you would want someone to do to you…

He’s just not that into you. Put you first and be into you.
You feel he hates you why are you with him? :orange_heart:

Just a song doesn’t mean anything :joy_cat::rofl::sweat_smile:

It a song… I Love listening Carrie underwood doesn’t mean I want to kill my husband. The song isn’t the problem him spending time with you seems to be. Tell him how you feel either he will fix it or he will show you that you should find someone worth your time.

Maybe he misses that time with you