Should I be concerned about how little my toddler talks?

My 15-month-old doesn’t try mimic words I say to him or show any interest to. He understands everything I ask him to do and points at what he wants. The only word he says is mom or mama. So my question is should I be worried or is he just going to talk when he’s ready to?


Check with his doctor

My 15 month old just grunts and points… He can say a few words like ball,bubba and bye bye … His doctor said it’s normal

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I wouldn’t worry he is still young and has plenty of time! Just keep talking to him and teaching him as you go. He will catch on.

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My son’s speech therapist said not to give them things with pointing. She had us say the word and wait until he made a sound, any sound, to give it to him.


I have a 2 and a half year old and he only says a few words, I spoke to my hv about speech therapy and I got told nothing is really a concern until they start going to nursery xxx

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My daughter didn’t talk much at 15 months either now she is 21 months and talks like crazy and is saying new words daily also knows her abc song. Just keep working with them and it will come. But you can always talk to your Dr and see what they think also.

He will come around. They all grow at different paces. Before you know it he’ll be talking a mile a minute with 400 questions a day.

I had a little girl in my room who was 3 who didn’t talk she was very shy she came back after christmas and we couldn’t get her to be quiet it was lovley to see :heart_eyes: all children are different xx

Make sure he isn’t tongue tied, my grandson was it is easily rectified, good luck.

No a child will talk when they are comfortable to do so if he understands everyhng u say its a good sign he may just be shy. I didnt start tlking till i was 3 cos i was shy x

My som needed to be evaluated by 2. When he was two peds said “he was using 18m language” pointing is good but with pointing say the word it is and keep doing it. Also start sign language its kinda fun and then sign and talk at the same time.

Encourage him to use his words. Don’t give into pointing at things. The longer you do that the longer he will have no motivation to talk.

I don’t have that problem with my own kid but my mom had it with me. She said what worked (what her doctor told her to do) and give me a choice between two things, like apple or orange juice and wouldn’t give me either until I said out loud what I wanted

He is still young. I don’t want to say yes or no because every child is different but three of my children were “late” talkers. The first two really started talking at about 2.5 years. My youngest started about a month after he turned 3. He will need speech therapy for some of his sounds but he is incredibly smart and just didn’t want to talk.

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My son will be 3 in November and he only says a few words. I have him in speech therapy and he’s been making progress but I just put him in daycare 2 months ago and he’s been making even more progress. Each child is different. With my son he’s extremely independent. Instead of asking for something he’ll just go get it himself. Sometimes it’s just a matter of them not wanting to. But still bring it up with the pediatrician.

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I always get flack for this.

There are milestones for a reason… If your child is not reaching tgem within three months find out why

There could be a speech delay or hearing loss.

Stoop believing each kid developeson their own pace. It can be damaging.


My daughter is 15 months also and she doesn’t even point at things she wants yet. She does mimic words like duck and cat etc but she can’t say them properly. I’m not worried at all. I can see that she is progressing in other ways and that she’s trying. All kids are different. I wouldn’t worry yourself about it. As long as he is eating, pooping and alert, I think you’re fine

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My 6 year old doesn’t speak he does have a few words but I wouldn’t worry he’ll start when he’s ready my son doesnt speak but my daughter doesnt shut up lol

Always check with a pedi if you are concerned… I was concerned at 15m… now at 2, he has more words than I ever imagined him having at 15m and still has all of his baby sign language too. Will I still probably look into some speech therapy for him? Yes because certain sounds are still quite difficult for him and he does this weird thing where he turns his tongue sideways, but he is so much further along than he was at 15m, so breathe and keep talking and reading to him!

When my son doesn’t want to try a new word he just says “yeah” and giggles. They know I think just keep trying and reading to him and he’ll come around. Let your Dr know and maybe meet with a speach therapist

My oldest granddaughter just seen her doctor last month for check up and was 15 months old. The doctor was concerned because she doesn’t say a lot of words. Said to make sure you speak clearly and tell her what everything is. They will keep a eye on her to see how well she progress’s. She says diggy ( her dogs name ) da, bubba, moma, kitty, thank you and I love you but doctor was still concerned.

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At 15 months old he should, theoretically, say more than 2 words. I’d take him to his physician and discuss your concerns.

Every child is different. My daughter only started talking in complete sentences when she was already around 4 and now she’s 5 she won’t stop talking, day in and day out. :joy::sweat_smile::grin:

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Never hurts to speak with his doctor, have ears tested, put on waiting list for speech.

My youngest wouldn’t say word ot attempt too, her problem was the soother. Once I got rid of it, she started saying words all the time. She is 2 1/2 now.

Our son is turning 4 in a week and has been delayed in all milestones. He is just starting to talk, and he even says phrases now

My daughter was a slow talker, until I started babysitting 2 other kids that was a few months older than her, now she wont be quiet lol

We took my son to the dr around that age as he wasn’t talking either. They said… hes completely healthy he just doesn’t want to its not that he can’t. Then she said boys tend to be lazy when it comes to speech lol hes 3 now and carries on full adult conversation with me so unless you notice other things that are odd I wouldn’t stress mama

Boys usually develop later than girls. My middle child and son was almost 3 before he started talking, but picked it up one day and hasn’t stopped since :joy:

Every kid is different. They will learn. 15 months is still very young. I wouldn’t worry, she will get it😁

My son didn’t talk until he was two and a half. The doctor was concerned because his older brother has autism. Long story short he was two and half when he started talking and then wouldn’t shut up. He just didn’t have anything worth talking about… don’t let people and their opinions stress you out


Every kids is different. My mom said I didn’t start talking until I was 3. She almost wasn’t able to send me to preschool cause I didn’t want to talk. Nothing wrong, just didn’t have the desire to :woman_shrugging:t2:

A child is not gonna do what they wanna until they are ready it doesn’t mean your child is slow or etc if mean when the time is right it will happen each child is different :two_hearts:

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Don’t worry each passing week changes so many things! Few more months he will be mimicking

Your kid is only 15 months old. Give it time. My oldest didn’t y’all until she was 2, but youngest is 18 months and talks non stop because she learned from her sister

Need to talk to her more or teach her to read.It works.Making time patiently.

Words will come pouring out of his mouth when he is ready. I was concerned about both of my childrens speech also.

My son has a speech delay but i found he use his hands to show us what he wanted but i found when he does ask for stuff i would repeat the word three times an include the hand gesture an he would then try to say the word. Takes them a bit to click to use words instead of gestures but dont put too much pressure on them as then they will stop trying in frustration

My son never spoke to he was about 3 and had speech therapy

Never hurts to get ears checked my son was 4 and could only say a few words, found out he is hard of hearing

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In their 2nd birthday my eldest twin said 6/7 words and my youngest 4/5. Neither said momma or anything like it, they didn’t seem to understand too much and they were late walkers too! They were my first and I was a single mom, it never even crossed my mind to think of it as an issue. They had their 2y check and it was then that it was flagged. I was so upset but still never felt anything was actually wrong. It wasn’t. By 3 they’d caught up across the board and been excelling ever since.
If YOU think there’s an issue, ask for a referral. Otherwise, I’m sure it’ll come :slight_smile:

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As a trained Speech and Language Therapist… early intervention has SO many benefits. He may come right on his own… but, why delay … increase his confidence, decrease frustration etc, etc.
If you have the resources , get support.
I also found a sign- language app helped with my little one. As it fostered communication between us and was such fun… i think ot was called " baby sign " .
Also have his ears checked.
Incorrect hearing can have auditory processing implications in the later life.

Research and Google things! That’s what I do. I gain more information that way. I pick web sites and start reading! And remember all children are different, they all grow different at different times and all learn at different times and different ways! You can’t compare kids to other kid’s! I’ve been around babies and toddlers since I was 9 years old! I’ve learned a lot over all these years! I promise


My son isn’t quite 2, he understands a lot but doesn’t say much. He can say hi and bye but when we encourage him to speak to people sometimes he just resorts back to waving. We started taking his nuk/pacifier out of his mouth during the day and out of no where he started saying words. He knows about 12 words now but seems to be catching on much quicker now. Our pediatrician said he wasn’t worried yet (that’s when he knew even less words) and we would discuss it again at his 2 year appointment and see where he’s at. I wouldn’t worry yet mama, he’s still young.

Our son was the same way he didnt talk until he was almost 3 he needed tubes in his ears his problem was he wasnt hearing so that was making him not talk like he should have been but after surgery he started talking and hasn’t stopped since lol he does go to speech therapy in school but that’s just to help him talk better

Honestly… most kids will talk when they want to. Three of my kids didn’t start talking until they were a bit older. They just took their sweet time.

I have my masters degree in Early childhood education. If you are concerned get it checked out. If its nothing then great. Better to be over cautious. Early intervention is extremely important.

My son is 2 in November. He only says mum and da. I’ve had him looked over by a maternal child nurse they’re not worried and the doctor says that he will talk when he is ready and I agree.

I would bring it up to your pediatrician. My son is 18 months & the same way. At our 15 month appointment I brought it up & our pediatrician said boys tend to start talking later than girls & it’s probably nothing but she also referred us to early on because they can do an evaluation to see if he needs speech therapy or anything.

My son needed speech but he was about 25 months. I would wait a little and see.

My son was saying a few words and then stopped. Turned out he needed tubes in his ears. He now has speech and Occupational therapy once a week and is talking more.

Babies start talking from 18months so I wouldn’t be too worried but go see your dr or healthcare nurse if worried :grin:

He’s fine, don’t worry.

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My 112 month old son didnt start getting really vocal till he was about 55 months… Just showed no intrest really… Now he talks up a storm… They will speak out when ready be patient :grinning::grinning:


Talk to the pediatrician, early intervention is key. My son is Autistic and these were the early signs of Autism. Also, every child learns at own pace. It could very well be nothing serious, but always better to be safe.

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My son didn’t start really talking until he was between 2 and 2 1/2. Now he won’t shut up lol. He comments on literally everything and has an opinion on everything. He’s 4 1/2 now.


My little girl has only just started with proper words in the last month or so and all if a sudden this last week has come in so much with a lot more new words she’s almost 19 months. My little boy was a lot more vocal a lot earlier than she has been. I think they all learn at different paces but if you’re at all worried speak with your health visitor they’ll be able to advise you on what’s usual or when to worry :blush:xx

My son is 4 and had just recently started speaking to a level where we can understand him. His speech isn’t perfect still but we getting there :heart:

Mom of 6
Every child is different. My oldest didn’t put a full sentence together until she was 2.5. Now she’s 12 and in gifted in school.
Kid #3 spoke short sentences by 13 months. She’s 7 now, and routinely walks into walls.

If you’re concerned definitely speak to his doctor. Just keep in mind all kids develop at their own pace.


My son didnt really start gabbering until 18 months old.
Ultimately you need to express concerns to a doctor. Facebook doesnt have the anwsers that’ll put your mind to rest.

Please please please don’t listen to “they will talk when they are ready”. This is not always true and early intervention is key! Speech waitlist are extremely long. At 18 months if your little one is still behind in words get them on a waitlist. Where I live it’s about 7 months to a year to get an assessment. I put my son on a list at 18 months he started speech just over age 2 and is still in speech now at almost 7. He has come so far thanks to speech but he still needs help to get there. An assessment by a pathologist will let you know the right path :two_hearts:


My son is 8 and Nonverbal. If you have concerns talk to the pediatrician and they will refer you to a speech therapist.

My son didn’t start talking till his 2nd birthday

Boys can be lazy , plus he’s still a little young to be talking properly.He’ll talk when he’s ready .


Neither of my boys really started talking until they were 2, but always talk to your pediatrician about concerns. It’s easier to remedy issues if they’re caught early

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Keep going with the saying the name of what he wants, sounds are good to build the muscles too such as animal noises and songs, learning to blow outwards, pulling faces, extend on what he points to such as if he points at a cup then ask milk?

My son only said mama and dada when mad until he was 2… then he started saying words clear as day.

Trust your mama instincts. If you are concerned enough to ask this group then you’re feeling something isn’t right and should ask your pediatrician. While I agree every child is different there are milestones for a reason. Both of my sons are on the spectrum and non-verbal and require a lot of services that had waitlists so my recommendation, having been near where you are, I would call sooner than later to set your mind at ease and possibly get the ball rolling (if needed). Good luck!! :purple_heart:


My almost 2 year old wasn’t talking much until about 3 weeks ago, all she could say was mum, dad, ink (drink /blanket) Nana (milk)…ppl where even telling me that she’s abit slow and asked if I’m not teaching or encouraging her and low and behold, she started saying new words overnight, repeating words and phrases too, don’t stress momma, all kids are different and they will do things in their own ways and times


Omg I was so worried about my little one… and let’s just say now I never get a word in.

In hindsight, I would have paid much more attn to it. I figured my son just wasnt a talker. By 2 he wasnt saying anything but 1-2 words at a time. By 4 it was barely sentences. We seriously dropped the baby assuming it was normal and he would just get past it. It had turned out he has autism and wasnt able to really use words properly. School and therapies have since helped him overcome. I really wish Id acted sooner though- asked his doctors more questions, done research etc…

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Check him for being tongue tied and per the speech therapist don’t respond to nonverbal cues basically make him talk.

If they don’t say more by 2 then I’d be worried and talk to the doctor.

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I usually take the wait and see attitude but my 2 yr old also only said mama. Parents as teachers tested him and he was intelligent and understanding. My pediatrician had him tested and he has speech problem

He has been going to speech for two years still has some problems but talks up a storm

Try to have his speech evaluated. It’s worth it for peace of mind

My son is speech delayed. Get in contact with Early Intervention services in your state and have him evaluated (or you can go to a private therapist), you can refer him yourself. My son is brilliant, understands everything you say to him but still needs speech therapy. Early intervention is key, nothing wrong with just getting him evaluated!

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Mine is about to go 19 months and barely says words. Our doc said not to be worried til after 2.

My nephew didn’t talk til he was 3

Nope! My son is almost two and only says a few words

Remember no kida are the same or develop the same !!

If the kid is about 3 or 4 and not talking words then maybe be concerned. Dont try to force the child or freak out because thats when they force babies into speech therapy and all that stuff trying to label them as “slow” which is stupid

Shit my uncle didnt speak until he was 5 and hes the smartest one in the family. Went to college for 8 years. Owns his own home and many buildings. Mind you hes not even 30 yet and no we didnt come from a rich family either.

That’s hard. We listened to everyone else who said our daughter would speak when she was ready. That resulted in her going into Early Intervention about a year later than she should have. She’s since been diagnosed with global developmental delays and is on the spectrum for autism. In 20/20 hindsight I should have listened to my gut. She’s now 3.5 years old. What your gut tells you may be different than what mine told me, so I’m not implying there’s a problem. I’m not qualified to make that statement. Every child is different but at the end of the day, go with your mommy instinct.

Mine was exactly the same except his singular word was Dada from 8months to 28months. I discussed with his pediatrician at 18months and when he hadn’t progressed by his 2 year checkup this past January I got a referral for speech center and they did an assessment within a couple weeks of first contact. Luckily they were able to determine Expressive language was his only place of learning deficit, no physiological issues, and since then the adults in his life have made strides to encourage him putting in the work to communicate. My son and my husband and I all live with my mother, and she is the one to watch my son while we work 50+ hours/week. I believe the collective adults in his life were very effective at meeting his needs without pushing him to convey them verbally himself, we asked questions he could respond yes and no to and guessed what he was looking for until we got a positive communication and since he never had to use words he just stopped trying to form them. He babbled more as a baby than ever a toddler. Also his pacifier usage was excessive, anytime, all of the time, and I believe that “plug” didn’t help the situation. I changed that right away to nap and bedtime only and we started by encouraging and rewarding any sound that wasn’t grunting, sometimes for just part of the day even. Within a few months everything was asked for with a “ba” or “pa” noise and that’s when I started asking for the correct sounds before rewarding, sometimes still rewarding new sounds even if incorrect. Just yesterday he said his first 2 word utterance “more ball”; half a year of hard work and many frustrated and elated moments, we are still “behind” but SO much further than we were. The trained specialists really helped me to ease my anxiety, answer any and all questions and provide supporting paperwork, and have been very much dedicated to helping us and making sure we get what we need. However the true structure and work has really come from home and the adults working together to bring consistency to the approach and support to each other thru all of the battles and meltdowns to get where we are. What is will be, momma, and the fact that you care so much to ask these questions now are proof that you will and are supporting your child and will be able to be there for him no matter what his own unique path is!!!

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Have you discussed your concerns with his pediatrician ? Here in Nassau County, New York early intervention services are available. The pediatrician would need to make a request for a professional evaluation. A written evaluation is also completed by the child’s parents. The services are provided at no cost. Well the Department of Education covers the fees. I hope this is helpful and wish you all the best.

My son was like this, could only say a few words. I just figured every child is different and develops in their own time, until his daycare teacher said something I took him to a paediatrician. He ended up needing grommets in his ears. He is now 9 and still doesn’t pronounce some words properly compared to his 7 year old brother.

To be honest my 16 month was the same and suddenly within the last week she has started saying up, juice, mom, nown (down), and hi. Sometimes it just takes a little longer than we want. My pediatrician told me at her last appointment to start worrying at 20 months.

My daughter didn’t start talking until about a year ago and she’s turning 4 on Tuesday. We started speech therapy almost a year ago and it’s worked wonders for her, she’s almost speaking in full sentences Hang in there mama some babies just develop later than others!


It can be very normal for a kid to begin talking late. My daughter is 2 1/2 and only says mama. She has a speech therapist and OT through early intervention. I would say if you’re concerned, it wouldn’t hurt to ask your primary about seeking a speech therapist. They help find the right ways to get your kiddo to communicate. Kids develop at their own pace and I kept thinking it was something we were doing wrong. We’re trying to do everything right by her and she just doesn’t want to talk… yet. With therapies, she has been able to communicate with pictures and she doesn’t hold back with telling us what she wants! So I know she’ll get there in her time. Getting help early will be more beneficial for him.

Its cause 4 concern. Try working with him a little more if he understands u and just doesnt speak it sounds mean but my daughter was the same way…I wouldn’t give her what she wanted until she talked 2 me. Needless 2 say she learned pretty quick pointing grunting and whining 4 lack of better word was not going 2 work. If after a few months he still doesnt speak I’d have a specialist look at him but he is still fairly young.

I didn’t speak a word until I was 2. But I understood what people were saying and I could communicate like pointing at things. I was always on the honor roll and the advanced classes. If you are worried then look into it. If you aren’t worried then give it time. Every child is different. As a mom it has never failed me to just follow my instincts

Follow your gut, you know them better than anyone, what do you think? My boy was ahead and now is behind in his social skills and my girl was behind in everything and now she’s ahead, I always knew what way they were heading no matter what anybody told me. Mothers instinct is always best :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

I knew someone in a similar situation and it ended up being an issue with his ears. I’d maybe talk to a doctor, but wouldn’t worry too much because kiddies have their own timeline. My boy was 18 months before he tried to walk!

20 months, girl
When asked to speak or repeat words, shakes her head no
She will do a little sign language though and communicates well, just not verbally.

Mu son didn’t fully talk till he was 3.5yrs. He was put in Early learning at 2yrs. Did Speech therapy till 3 and went to early preK at 3. He is fixing to be 5 and talks nonstop.

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I wouldn’t worry to much unless he shows other signs of delays. People can be harsh when your child doesn’t talk quick!

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My son did not talk at that age either. Ended up finding out his adenoids and tonsils were to large making it uncomfortable to talk. Had them removed and made the largest improvement because of it… not saying that is the case but a possibility to explore…

Tell him he has to talk if he wants it

Is he in childcare? My son was the same only said a handful of.things then he went to kindy more.confidence and doesnt stop talking :rofl: its like he was waiting to perfect the skill before he used it. Just give him time. Every kids diffrent


He just doesn’t feel like talking
Nothing wrong with it


Get in touch with Parents As Teachers. They’re great about screening for developmental delays and have multiple resources. It’s a free pre-k program for everyone.

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My youngest baby is 17 months and still isnt walking, however she can talk for England and say words I’d never expect her to for her age. My twins were walking months before her but hardly said a word so I think they all have different talents at different times xx


My son didn’t really start actually talking till about a little after 2, and my daughter is doing the exact same thing. Doctors can always recommend speech therapy but honestly as someone else said they are better off learning from kids their own age, it’s where they learn more actually.