Should I be concerned about my baby?

My daughter will he 9 months the 24th, and I don’t know if i should be worried or not. Should she be babbling words, she does say “dada” but that’s it!! & should she be able to stand up by herself even for a short period of time! What can I do to help her start walking! My other two kids started walking around 10 months old and would hold on to things and walk at 9 months old! Should I be worried? She goes to her 9 month check up the end of the month and I’ll talk to her doctor then, but just figured I’d make this post to get some opinions!!:heart:


Nope kids are on their schedule not ours or other siblings. My grandsons didn’t talk much because everyone always spoke for them from the other kids or adults. But when they decided to they never got quiet even in the teenage years :joy:

She is fine , I am sure . They all do things in their own timeframe.

Please dont ever compare your baby to others. That is the worst thing you can do to yourself and baby
Babies all hit their milestones at a different a pace. They all grow and learn at different paces. Dont try to force your baby to meet them earlier than they are ready

Actually 10 months is early for walking all kids are different , I had one start walking at a year 2 13 months and one at 15 monthes

I don’t think anything is wrong. Some kids don’t walk until they are one. Each child is different.

I have 4 kids. My oldest was babbling small words but didn’t truly talk talk until almost 3, was walking holding onto things by 5 months, but didn’t walk unassisted until 2 days before 1 year. My 2nd didn’t even roll over until about 5 months, and was walking 2 weeks before a year, is 2 and talking tons. My third is 1 and didn’t walk until about 14 months, and is babbling little words still. My 4th is only going on 2 months and is holding her head up and trying to roll over and cooing and smiling. All babies go at their own pace pediatricians from my experience don’t get too concerned until around age 2-3 if children aren’t starting to talk or walking well. I think your babe is just fine! Seems quite developmentally normal in my opinion!

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No two kids are the same, let her do these things when she’d ready she’s 9months old not 19months she’s a baby

My youngest daughter didn’t start walking until she was 15months old. She’s 14 now and is perfectly fine. Babies learn things on their own time and when they are ready