Should I be concerned about my toddlers weight?

At his last appointment he was 23 pounds (MARCH), I weighed him a few days ago (standing up if that matters) & he’s actually lost a pound. He’s 22 lbs May i add he is super active, lol from the time he wakes up to the time he goes to sleep. He has a HUGE appetite lol but I also eat a whole lot lol am I being paranoid or should I contact his doctor?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I be concerned about my toddlers weight?

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Are we just guessing how old this toddler is or?


I don’t think so weight fluctuates even through the day so 1 lb isn’t much especially like you said if he’s super active. Unless the pediatrician brings it up or you notice either extreme/abnormal weight loss or eating habit changes nothing to worry about

Doctor office did he have on more clothes and heavier shoes,

Home was he fully dressed when you weighed him?

I personally would not be concerned if he’s active and it could be that the scale at the doctor and the one you have at home are slightly different. I know my scale at home is a little less accurate than the one at the doctor so if it’s about a pound off I’m never too concerned.

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My 11month will b a year old n 15 days is 30 pounds he is active also eats alot also all kids are different n grow at there own rate as long as he or she is fine eating good n etc no need to worry .

That could have been water weight one day, anything really. Losing a pound isn’t bad

Think about what he was wearing both places and the fact that you used a different scale

Weight fluctuates with young children. Both my boys are down during the summer and up during three winter.

One pound is nothing…weight fluctuates all the time. If you are concerned, bring it up at his next wellness appointment.

My kiddo from 9 to 18 months gained 6oz. But she also got super active then. Her pediatrician wasn’t concerned.

An age would’ve been helpful but it’s common for even kids to have winter weight that they burn off some once weather is nicer and they tend to get to go out more. Do you think you’ve been more active lately? As long as they’re eating I wouldn’t worry about a pound, our weight in general fluctuates within a couple pounds regularly

He’s fine my son just turned 40 lbs he’s 6 he’s so active and he eats but we call him bean bc he just runs and jumps I’ve even tried doing pedisure he’s getting taller but my dad and as children both parents very skinny

No , no need to panic. I don’t weigh my kids other than doc apts

Scales can be up to 5lbs different. So if you weighed him on a different scale it could have made that pound of difference

If he is eating protein, fruit, vegetables, dairy and not too much junk, it will work out. Offering strawberries, apple slices, cheese slices, eggs, water rather than juice, banana, watermelon, cucumber, deli are all good choices.

Weight can change. Also your scales may not be accurate like theirs. They say to only rely on the same scale

#1 your scale and the drs scale are not going to show the same weight #2 weights can fluctuate a couple pounds depending on time of day when you last ate if you recently made a bowel movement or have not in a couple days. If your going to look at weights take an initial weight at your scale at home at approximately the same Time and after a BM do weigh when he hasn’t pooped for awhile

Weight fluctuates constantly. Did he have to poop? Did he need to pee? Did he have a lot of sodium the day before? Did he sleep well enough before his appointment. How long did he eat before you weighed him. I would not be concerned. If it was a difference of 10lbs I would be, but your weight fluctuates naturally ask day everyday between 2 and 5lbs.

No. Weight fluctuates.

It’s normal for toddlers to thin out as they become more active. You didn’t mention his age, but I wouldn’t worry about a pound loss within a few months. Just make sure he’s drinking

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Sometimes they lose weight when they grow taller. My oldest was constantly losing and gaining. When he hit a growth spurt he’d lose weight, once the spurt ended he’s gain a pound or so. He’s now 14 and 5’6 and 110lbs lol

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He is fine. His metabolism is just burning off the food faster because he’s supper active

Let them be. Toddlers are active let it go.

You don’t give his age or height so it’s difficult to say. If it worries you you should make an appointment with his doctor for a check up. Make sure he has a healthy diet and healthy snacks.

My daughter will be 8 in August and weighs 42lbs. Nothing to worry about.

Some kids are just super thin. My son is 3 and only weighs like 30- 35 pounds, but he’s healthy and has nothing “medically” wrong with him. His doctor just said some kids are like that. I was super thin and gangly as a little kid too.

Babies lose baby fat :joy:

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Age would be helpful. But toddlers weight fluctuates. They get chubby then thin out, then get chubby again and thin out again. Healthy is what matters.


You didnt mention his height or age. Just make sure he eats healthy and keep him active and playing outside.


My daughter is skinny and she has a huge apetito too kids want to eat all day long but I offer fruit and veggeis and Heathy food to my daughter.

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Weight fluctuates, no 2 scales will ever match, and doctors are NOTORIOUS for incorrect measurements. Although yours sounds accurate, for the record, just saying lol.
Just had an “argument” (for lack of better wording lol) with someone because she swore her almost 5yo (so actually 4) was 50lbs (fairly normal) and 53.5 inches tall. Which is exactly 2inches shorter than my 10yo son who is considered average height to tall, for his age lol the kid was standing next to mine so like no tf he is not :rofl::joy: so anyway, I wouldn’t worry no. Every kid grows at their own pace and it’s normal for their weight to fluctuate 5lbs or so each direction :slightly_smiling_face:

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Something to consider here is that not every scale is calibrated the same.
My son can weigh 38 pounds at his primary doctor’s office by 40 by the one at home…and 37 at another doctors office.

My kid is almost 3 and he weighs 23. Perfectly healthy just a picky eater but what he will eat, he’ll EAT lol I also give him vitamins

What’s the height and age? Did just just eat did he have to poop. So much info left out to be able to have an opinion. What does the actual Dr think?

Scale could be different I wouldn’t worry it’s one pound why are u even weighing your child

when I poop I lose a lb :joy::joy::joy: it’s definitely normal.

A pound isn’t much.same scale?different clothes?shoes on or off?alot to consider.

My daughter will be 2 next month and she weighs about 24 pounds. When I weighed her by picking her up when she was younger she would gain quite a bit but once I started weighing her standing up it seemed she lost weight but I think it’s just cuz I weighed her standing up it made a difference. Also she got sick around 1, like bad fever and such. She lost a couple pounds due to not eating much (she usually is a big eater, loves her food) if your child drastically loses weight I would check it out but one pound is not much. Might be the scale also. Sometimes it differs a couple pounds. Hope this helps

Toddlers are like that only worry if dr seems worried

My daughter is 3 and she was 30 pounds.

My son is 6 months and 18.4 pounds.

Scales at home aren’t very accurate I wouldn’t worry too much unless he seems sick or loses even more

Home scales are usually 1-2 pounds different than doctor scales.

If your child is growing normal I wouldn’t worry. If your isn’t child growing normally and and there have been concerns at previous well check ups by your doctor than call them.

My kids three and weighs 30 pounds. She’s not fat at all. If he’s hungry feed him. Just pick good choices. 

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My 2yr old is 26 lbs and also very active. She eats 3 meals a day and snacks too.

My son is 2 and weighs 34 pounds my niece is 1 and weighs 30 pounds
Both super active we take them hiking 3 times a week with us

My almost three year old is 35lbs

Depends on how old the toddler is??? My 3year old held the same weight of 28lbs for 2 years, he eats alot and is very active. He just recently broke 30, and is now 33lbs. Just depends cause toddlers are growing their muscles at the same time, so their weight could be going to those. They’ll lose weight while actually building their muscles. Unless your Dr sees an issue with the growth-height ratio, you’ll be fine mamas.

my 2.5 yr old is 35 pounds

I wouldn’t worry… each scale is different… my son sees an endocrinologist due to very slow growth… I try not to worry unless it’s the same scale that is showing weight loss

My son was “overweight” since he was 5 months old according to his doctor. He weighed 30lbs by a year old, and now at almost 3 he weighs almost 40lbs at 3 foot tall and his doctor now thinks he’s just gonna be a big boy like his dad. Don’t stress momma I’m sure baby is fine!

He’s gonna lose weight either way. Gain it either way. It’s the eating and pee and poop that helps lose some weight. And gain it back.
I mean same goes for you. When you feel bloated. You feel kinda fat( not meaning in a bad way). When you go to the bathroom and all comes out. Is when you feel like you just lost some weight.

My 5 year old is 38 pounds ( she is healthy, just little) then my 2 year old is 35 pounds

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Unless you were told to be concerned he’s ok. as a toddler his body will change a lot so as long as he’s active, eating healthy meeting milestones don’t fixate on his weight.


My son is 41 lbs at 2 years old. He’s a big boy.

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Don’t worry about it. He is just fine. He’s super active and everyone’s weight regardless of age always fluctuates.

You lose a pound taking a poop get real lol but seriously it’s one pound weight fluctuates it’s a different scale also different time of day than when weighed at doctor

now im australian so i had to convert that and thats around the 10.4 kg my lot were 12kgs plus at 1 and not overweight but was above avarage in height and weight , so very normal for their height , all kids are different and honestly thats not a huge weight so let him enjoy healthy meals while he is active

How old is he???
My daughter is 18 months and weights 21 lbs
Her dr says that’s perfectly normal
My son is 3 and weights 29 lbs and he’s super active and eats good

Toddlers are not supposed to lose weight. They can stay the same for a long period of time, but shouldn’t be losing weight.

Kids can lose a little weight if hey are super active but if it goes beyond a pound or if he has any other symptoms take him to the doctor.