Should I be concerned about preterm labor?

I need some insight. So I’m 31 weeks pregnant. This is my second baby and my first actually had a lot of problems that went undetected by my dr. At 27 weeks I went to the hospital because I had what felt like contractions in just my lower abdomen, and no matter how much I moved or sat still I still had them. They lasted all day. They told me I was dilated to a .5. I had just moved so I never even met the dr and when the nurses called to tell him i was there he just told them I was dehydrated but fine. So now I drink over 120oz of water everyday and still have these pains all the time!!! Oh and I finally met the dr and he said if I was at .75 he’d be worried about preterm labor but .5 isn’t a problem. Is this normal? I’m nervous about preterm labor.


Thats not normal imo and as a mom who had her boy at 32&2 I would check in with a different doctor

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I was told any change in cervix that early wasn’t normal. I had preterm labor with both pregnancies at 31&33 weeks with my first and 33&35 weeks with my second.

I had those pains a LOT with my last pregnancy. Everything always came back normal. She ended up being 17 days early but she came out absolutely perfect :heart: hopefully all is good. Good luck mama

Im 33 weeks 3 days. And my doctor told me the same thing… That I needed water… Well im dri kung water and still feel the same way… I wasnt dialted last week… But i go agian tomorrow and they will check agian. Im scred to death of preterm labor myself!!! I hope all is well with you and your little one. I will be following this post !

Trust your gut… Yes you’re not a doctor but you know your body better then anyone… If you have that gut feeling make sure you are heard…

I would be finding a different doctor. Usually if your at a 5 tney take you in or they try to stop yput labor if you are so many weeks

Preterm labor is very scary my baby was born at 32 weeks and docs say he is doing amazing here he is at 3 weeks he some times bottle feeds and still tube feeds but should be home in a week or so good luck hope any mommas with the worry of preterm labor get to carry as long as possible

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Had my son at 33 weeks and everything was perfect now he is a handsome almost 9 months

At 32 weeks I lost my mucus plug and was 1cm… they did steroid shots for babies lungs just in case but I stayed 1cm and my cervix just continued to thin until 37wks

Went into preterm labor at 25 weeks stopped contractions then again at 36 weeks and delivered.

I was 1/2 centimeter at 28 weeks and 5 centimetets at 39 weeks and ended up having to be induced.

28.5 went in with preterm labor with my daughter they stopped them with 2 bags of iv fluids.
30.6 with my son went in contractions 1-2 min apart 0% effaced 0% diallation, I was starting to soften. Was given 2 doses of beta shots for his lungs hooked up to iv sugar water(hypoglacemic) and maginesium sulfate for 30 hours they wanted to do 48. Was admitted for 4 days. I almost had our son please if you don’t have a good ob seek one out.
I am now 39.1 and have fought to keep in in so there is a chance of a full term delivery:)

Dilation isnt a exact sign that labor is coming. I was dilated to 2 at 27weeks and 3 at 31. He wasnt born till 41w1d by induction.

I would find a different doctor. I had PPROM with my first at 28w and he came at 30w6d. This pregnancy I started having contractions and preterm labor at 24w and 28w. I’ve been on Procardia 2x a day that help soooo much with the constant contractions I was having. I also have a irritable uterus along with a bicornuate uterus. I’m currently 29w6d today!
It’s not dehydration, you could also have a irritable uterus.

Sounds a lot like round ligament pain. Tbh. I was dilated to 1 from 30 weeks on and my doctor just restricted my lifting. Maybe try a belly band?

My doctor said the same thing until I lost my mucous plug two days later. They gave me steroid shots to mature his lungs, magnesium sulfate to stop labor and admitted me. I had him four days later at 31 weeks. Watch closely for any other changes and head to the ER if there are any.

I was at a 4 and like 80% effaced for a couple of weeks. She did come about a month early though

I’m 32 weeks…when I was around 29-30 weeks, I was cramping a lot, plus I was bleeding lightly…went to the ER and they checked everything and said that I was not dilated and I was fine. The pain finally stopped…but I am also at high risk with this pregnancy. My second was born at 8 months. Not trying to sound negative, but I am more than likely going to deliver early. I have that gut instinct. I hope she stays in longer but I highly doubt it.

I hope that you have a healthy baby and that when you do deliver, that you have a safe delivery :blush:

Ask about Makena injections (progesterone)