Should I be concerned being pregnant and measuring big?

I have a question so… I’m 28 weeks and 2 days with my 2nd n so far my belly is measuring almost 3 weeks big. I have to have extra ultrasounds done throughout the rest of my pregnancy to monitor his growth cause he is so big… But my 1st born was 9lbs 12oz and 39 weeks 3 days I was induced… anyway I fractured my pelvis a few years ago n all dry say it will never b the same which I believe I can never run again because I fractured the pubic bone part… But even with my son I had terrible pelvic pain… Well with this one is way worse I have tried the belly band pregnancy belts… what have u guys done to help with your pelvic pain? My belly is so big for 7 months I have a Dr apt next week plus my ultrasound what are some ways to help? anything will help the belt just makes my belly hurt from pressure n it’s awkward to use…

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I used KT tape! Like the sports tape! It’s really stretchy but very durable! I just YouTubed videos on how to apply KT tape for pregnant women! I could really tell it helped pull some of the weight of my stomach up! I had the same thing happen during my pregnancy! I had a healthy 8 lbs, 14 oz boy! He was born about 36 weeks!