Should I be concerned? Grooming behavior?

Hi looking for some advice. My daughters dad has been tickling her on her upper thighs mainly when he’s drunk. It is leaving her uncomfortable. Says cuz he has big hands his pinky has touched her no no square twice on accident. She has asked him to stop. She usually gets up and walks away. Is this something we should be concerned about?

He has a history of “chomo” like situations. Referencing to catching babysitters attention when his fiance gets too old. Has said her butt is just like mine and has said his fiances butt is 2nd cutest thing besides his kids butts when they were baby. Also got me pregnant at 14 when he was almost 19 and groomed me entirely to get me in bed with him. Grooming behavior? Testing boundaries?

We’ve tried to hope it wasn’t going to become a thing with his own daughter but now we are concerned. Thank you.