Should I be concerned that I am pregnant and ate poppyseeds?

I’m pregnant with baby #3 and I never ate this with my other two but I’ve been craving everything bagels I’ve had 4! And now just realizing about the poppy seeds…. Should I be freaking out!?


I ate a costco poppyseed muffin almost every morning. While pregnant. Your fine:)

I eat an everything bagel every morning… I’m 16.5 weeks pregnant. What are you worried about exactly? I’m confused af

Apparently it’s to do with heavy metals rather than opioids -although they do contain small amounts. They are fine in moderation.

They are absolutely fine in moderation

why are you freaking out? Never heard of poppyseeds being a problem to eat while pregnant


You can’t eat poppyseeds when you’re pregnant


Yall would have to eat a ridiculous amount of poppy seeds for the opiate in it to have any effect to mom or baby. If you’re concerned call your doctors office