Should I be concerned that I was asked to come back for another ultrasound?

Hi mommas! I wrote back this summer about the loss of my baby girl at 15 weeks and five days. Fast forward to now…Hubby and I are expecting again after the help of our specialist! We saw them Friday for our first ultrasound, and the baby measured 6 weeks and five days with a strong heartbeat of 135!! However, the tech said the yolk sac was measuring a little bit bigger and wanted to see us again in a week. I go this Thursday again to make sure the baby is growing okay. If so, we will be released to our regular OB!! They told us not to worry, that this is just a precaution due to our history of previous losses. But my mind is racing, and I’ve been worried sick since. Has anyone experienced anything like this with good outcomes?


How is your hormone levels. At this stage this matters greatly. Ask to run them if they havent yet

This is totally normal hun. They will watch you closer but only because of the past. It is likely just a precaution. Trust me, if there was something seriously wrong, they would be all over it immediately. Congratulations!!!


No previous experience with this but I always was so anxious and nervous in the beginning of pregnancy until you can feel baby move ! Thinking good thoughts for you !

My hubby and I had IVF treatment last year. We had to do weekly ultrasounds with our fertility specialist before we were released to our OB at eight weeks. I gave birth to our healthy baby boy three weeks ago. If they said don’t stress then try not to worry (easier said than done, I know). Focus on eating healthy, resting, and trying to stay positive. I will think good thoughts for you.

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It’s probably just to remesure the baby and sac to get an exact date of delivery

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Anytime you have issues with a pregnancy, the next time around they generally monitor you and baby closer. I’m diabetic and had preeclampsia with my first kiddo and when I was pregnant with my second they kept a much closer eye on everything with it. AND they still MISSED the second round of preeclampsia until my second was 6 days old.

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Very normal. Best thing for you and baby is to try and be calm and relaxd

I was once ordered an emergency ultrasound for my first boy bc they said he stopped growing. The only thing that stopped was me and I was all baby. So not necessarily.

I had scans every appointment until 30 weeks and a couple anatomy scans 16, 20, 24 weeks. All because I had HG and they found that my sons arteries from his stomach down were underdeveloped.

Usually multiple scans indicates either technician error or they spotted something that might be there.

Please try to calm yourself I know easier said then done but the stress is harmful to the baby

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The specialist will do an exuberant amount of ultra sounds, brace yourself. I didnt mind because it made me more comfortable to know they where tracking us so close.

It’s normal. I went in when I thought I was 8 weeks, turned out I was barley 5. They did another scan at 6 weeks to make sure it was progressing and then wanted one at 8 weeks as they said that was when they get the most accurate measurements and determine due date, especially since my LMP date was so far off.

No I had to go back for multiple to them to look at my babies heart :heart:
I was freaked out
And he was born healthy

Obviously it’s normal that you’re worried, but it’s just a precaution before they release you to a regular OB.

I had a stillborn at 18 weeks then got pregnant again about 9 months later and they did a lot of extra scans…and I have a healthy 10 month old baby boy now! I am not going to tell you not to worry because I have been in your position and it is impossible not to worry but this is very normal after a loss!!!

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I totally get it, I worried though my entire last pregnancy, and I wasn’t able to really relax until I held her in my arms! (She’s 9, now). They’re just being extra cautious, knowing your history, and they just want to make sure everything’s okay!

I know it will be hard but try not to overthink and worry. Look at this as the ultrasound team being on top of your care and the baby’s. Which is great!! And this is normal. Breathe and keep positive thoughts. Stress is not good this early on. Thursday will be here soon and all will be good. Congrats!!

You will be worrying yourself silly even without any extra scans. Think of them as bonuses. Think of any extra checks as another opportunity to see/hear baby. It’s not, ‘oh dear, they want to scan again’. It’s, ‘I don’t have to wait to see baby again’. Their cautiousness is your gain.

Try not to stress! They are doing their job. Precautionary

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If you have a history of miscarriage then they just want to see if baby is okay! I wouldn’t be worried. Stress isn’t good for you or baby!


Because you’ve had a loss before they are just taking precautions. No worries. Your baby is fine!

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I have had numerous “abnormal” ultrasounds and four perfectly healthy children.

Usually after a miscarriage you are high risk & they are trying to make sure the baby is fine. Nothing to worry about.


If you’re seeing an RE it’s normal for them to do 2 to 3 ultrasounds before releasing you to an OB.
They would be open with you if there was cause for concern

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It’s not unusual for a woman to miscarry her first baby. I did and went on to have three healthy babys.

Be glad there is someone looking very closely at that ultrasound- also know that ultrasounds, altho more accurate than they used to be, don’t always give all the answers - follow the requests and know it is best to err on the side of caution!

Try not to stress your self out and worry I know it’s hard to do. Because stressing and worrying wont help either.


I can’t possibly have a word from experience, but common sense says to me that a larger sac is maybe an indication of a possible other baby hiding behind the one
that is seen. I don’t know how large a fetus at that stage is, but some time if there are more than one it isn’t obvious. Good luck and God bless.

Don’t worry until there is something to worry about. It’s just precautionary

My first pregnancy ended in a ruptured uterus at 17 weeks (very violent ex who wasn’t happy about the baby). The OB/Gyn that treated me in the ER told my mother that I should get a hysterectomy. She wouldn’t allow it and told him to stitch me up. Luckily. Even though THAT doctor told me I’d never be able to have children because of the scarring, I have 3 grown sons, two of them even stretched my uterus at the same time :joy:
They will always be extra cautious after a loss. Just think of it as bonus baby time where you get to see and hear the baby. They’re just making sure everything is ok this time.

Just to and relax. I’ve seen this happen to a lot of women…nothing to worry about.

With my first pregnancy the sac always measured bigger and he’s going to be 10 this year. Pregnancy went fine. Don’t stress just enjoy it while it lasts

Im sure everything will be okay. Especially if they told you not to worry… N its just precautions…Try not to stress yourself out to much and worry.

My OB had me do sonograms every few weeks and then every week until I delivered. It was my first pregnancy and she was worried about my blood pressure throughout my pregnancy. I didn’t have any issues at all. So try not to worry and just enjoy seeing your baby more :smiley:

I’m sure everything is OK.
I’m going through the same thing except they can’t tell if I’m having twins or not. I know right.
Its just a precaution (its a good thing). If doctor told you not to worry, don’t. No news is good news! Babies heart rate is healthy.
They’re probably just making your due date is accurate than what your last cycle was. It will be OK. Plus your 6 weeks. Lots of things grow super fast after this!