Should I be concerned that my 16-month-old is always cold?

This is gonna sound weird, im gonna check with the doctor.
My 16 month old son is cold?
He wont stop laying in front of the heater…
I have found him laying in front of it in the middle of the night, he stays in front of it most of the day…
He has a bad cough…
I understand he might be a little cold cause it gets cold in here at night but its just weird to me… he is constantly in front of it & sometimes i turn it off because he’ll lay there until his skin gets hotter than heck…
Yet he’ll walk away & his body will still be cold… i dont know what to think… maybe im overreacting…


Have him checked,sounds like his internal body temperature is out of whack. Colds can turn into something worse. Please have him looked at.


Ask. A. Doctor. Not. Facebook.


Iv always been cold I carnt control my temper because I don’t have a thiroyed yu could ask if about that

Bundle him up in warmer clothes? Keep socks on his feet depending on temperature maybe 2 pairs! let him sit in a chair or couch with a blanket. Him staying in front of the heater is making it seem colder when he walks away. So try to keep him from being in front of it and let the heater warm the room

My sister and I used to love sitting on the register and we started at about 2. We’d wrap our nightgowns overtop and just sit, I remember our backs being quite red. I think it’s soothing, he probably just likes the warm air.

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when my son was sick, because colds can give you chills, he stayed in front of the heater/fireplace like yours. and my daughter sick or not likes to stay by the heat.

Check with your Dr , but when I was little I always stayed cold , nd to this day in the winter I’m still cold

I’m 35 and the exact same way…my oldest daughter picks on me and her brother because we’re always cold while her and her little sister are always hot to the point they sweat without a fan. I personally wouldn’t worry but that’s just me. Get him checked if it concerns you but I wouldn’t even know how they would do it or treat it.

My daughter likes to stand in front of our heater all the time too. Shes tiny, always cold, plus who doesn’t like to be warm and cozy. But I would check with Dr. I think low iron has something to do with being cold if I remember correctly.

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Have you taken his temperatur? When my son has a fever he will snuggle under every single blanket we own to get warm because of the chilly feeling a fever causes.

Im glad your seeing your doctor just to be safe. A friend of mine is like that…always cold. Has been. since she could remember. If he has a little cold, then he may have chills as well. Maybe get him some fleece socks and a nice super warm and cozy set of pjs. Maybe even a house coat for kids. Take his temperature twice a day juat tonsee where he is at. That way you have a record of it for hia doctor when you go. Make sure to write it down (date and time taken). Write down how many times in a day he does this and for how long. You dont want him burning his skin. Is the house cold? Could u turn the heat up a little bit? Ooh…maybe get an electric blanket for him to snuggle. Those are great. Just make sure u monitor it so it is safe.

Have him sleep in footie pajamas and take him to the dr

Im called a heater whore. I loved laying in front of the heaters…

Have his thyroid checked. I almost died from hypothermia I was so low

My 18 month old little girl does this all the time she also stays cuddled up under my blanket. Dr had checked everything on her and it has all came back normal. She is just cold natured. Just mention it to the dr and you’ll feel better once you get the answer. There is no reason to feel over protective you are his momma and you will do anything for him so don’t feel like you are doing to much. You got this momma

Have his thyroid checked

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Hate to be that person but maybe your house is just really cold and you should turn the heat up? If he feels cold. He’s cold. So do something about it


I have been known to have my furnace at 80 and sit in front of the heat register with a blanket covering me and it. I feel cold to the bones. Maybe a warm shower will warm him up. Put warm clothes on and a blanket and he might be ok

Do you know his blood type? I’m O- and my body stays like ice. I can’t handle anything under 60 or I will literally start chatting my teeth and my feet go numb.

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He could be anemic. Might wanna bring it up with your Dr. Next time you go in.


When in doubt, go get checked out

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How are his iron levels? I’m real low on iron and my body is always ice cold

My son has done this since the age of 3. He’ll be 14 in February and still does it. Lol But I’d take your child’s temperature and look for any other symptoms and go from there.

just call the cops they ll regulate the lil rascal

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When we had a wall heater my son would lay under it and also get up at night to lay under it . He would being his blanket and it worried me so I would turn it off . He turn out fine and it was never a sign of something else .