Should I be concerned that my 3-year-old still has a soft spot?

my question for everyone should I be concerned my 3 yr old son has a soft spot still on his head I just notice today he has a soft spot on his head do I take him to Drs is this to raise concern I just need to know I googled it, and that scares me, even more, I just need to know if it is normal or not


Call up your pediatrician and ask over the phone if you don’t want to just haul kiddo in for what may not be an emergency.

Have him checked over x

At this age, his skull should have fused together by now. I’d bring it up to his doctor


Children usually have soft spots until the age of 6. I went through the same thing when my son was 2 our doctor reassured me it is normal. If you feel it’s a cause for concern ask the pediatrician there are no silly questions when it comes to our babies


This needed to be brought to attention…

I’ve never heard of this before :flushed: I would definitely have him checked out

Have you been taking him in for his well baby checks? They should’ve been checking

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Best thing you can do is take him in and see his doctor. Your fears will not fully be eased until you talk to the doctor.

I’d call his Dr and ask

Call doc and ask the triage to pass the question to the doc.

Call and schedule with a doctor immediately. Our pediatrician told us if it’s not gone by age 2 it’s cause for concern. My son is 13 months and still has his.
Very nerve wracking

Everyone has a soft spot

Some kids have soft spots till the age of 6. My daughter is 2 and still has one. Dr said total normal. Nothing to be worried about. Call your Dr and ask.

Bring it up to your doctor.

My daughter is 3 in March and no longer has a soft spot. However this is something you should be addressing with your family doctor. Every kid is different.

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Seeing how everyone on here has a different opinion on what’s okay and what’s not okay. Your best bet is to get with ur pedi and ask them. I know when my son was 15 months. They told me if his soft spot didnt drastically shrink by his 2 year check up. They were going to order a special helmet. To help


Should be gone around 18 month

If you are concerned you should go ahead and bring him to the doctor, it’ll make you feel better.

My daughter was the same. Doctor did a ultrasound to check and it was normal. It closed a bit after the ultrasound.

What does the ped Dr say???

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Call the nurse at your pediatrician office. My understanding is it should be gone by 2. Don’t stress! Just call. They will let you know if you should be concerned &they will schedule an appt

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How did your doctor but notice that!?

I think , tell there a year old ?

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH DR! every kid is different but let your dr look at it to be sure its normal! Do not go off Google or fb!

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My husband is 28 and still has his soft spot. No big deal.

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Maybe a phone consultation to decide if an appointment is necessary.

It should be gone by 2. I would very much raise concern with your doctor

In all the appointments he’s had over 3 years (well checks etc.), was no one concerned? Surely, a doctor has been involved before now. That’s who you need to talk to.

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My son still has somewhat of a soft spot and is 16 :woman_shrugging:
Just call a pediatrician with your concern.

Maybe ask your doctor instead. Cause from what i heard from somekme else, the soft spot doesnt close until you’re an adult.

I was told kids can have it till 5. :woman_shrugging:t3: but if your worried call your doctor and ask and maybe make an appointment.

If it scares you, call the doctor and not Facebook please… how did a post like this even get approved???


My sons closed around 2.5 but his was extremely large and had had some other medical issues.

A baby’s soft spot (fontanell) usually closes by 18 months of age. In rare instances it may take up to 26 months. If the soft spot has not closed by 27 months they need to be seen by pediatrician.

They check fir that at every check up until it closes and would have mentioned if it was a concern by now. You probably aren’t feeling the soft spot.

Yes take to drs forget google

I would call the Dr. Office and make an appointment. You should have that looked at.

Honestly yes. You need to have that seen. It should have closed long before a year old.

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The doctor should’ve been keeping an eye on that at visit

Either talk to his doctor ASAP or take him to the Emergency Room. Give yourself some peace of mind.

The Drs check that from birth on up. They check at a year to make sure it’s closed. If it was still open they would know. I would just call and talk to the nurse and have them look at his file. Don’t just rush him in to the ER or the Drs before calling and speaking with them.

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I would call his doctors nurse and ask her if the doctor feels he should be seen, it was supposed to be closed at 1 yrs old

Have a children doctor look at it…and the mean time be careful…

Yeap you really should go to the doctor

A soft spot grows together slowly, it can take 2 to 3 yrs. Most are firm in 1 1/2 yrs. I would get it checked

No need to tie up an ER room & doctor/nurse. If it’s not urgent if it’s been like that the past 2 years. Call his pediatrician tomorrow & see if they can look at his chart or if need be they can bring him in.

There are some soft spots that don’t harden until about 2 - 3 yrs.old. Most parents only think that there’s only one on the top of the head. There are soft spots on the top, sides, and back of the head to allow the baby to fit through during birth. It is not unusual for some soft spots to still be present at 2 or 3. Most parents don’t notice at this age because they’re not looking for them. I’m sure that your doctor has been checking and probably feels that it’ll harden. There’s only a concern if it’s sunken. To put your concerns aside contact your doctor or speak with a phone nurse.

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