Should I be concerned that my 8-month-old hasn't started crawling yet?

My son didnt crawl til 10 months and didnt walk til 15 months

My youngest never really crawled. She went straight to walking at 14 months. So no worries.

My daughter skipped it and went to walking she rarely crawled

One of my kids didnt crawl until after he walked, as long as she isnt just laying there like a newborn i wouldnt worry about it

My daughter did not crawl until 9 months and was walking by one; I would not worry about it. She had her own little way of getting around before she figured out how to crawl.

Crawling isn’t a milestone. Because some kids crawl differently and some never crawl at all. Her way of getting around is rolling. Some kids army crawl, some kids hop like a frog, and some just scoot.

Don’t worry. If she doesn’t try to stand and walk when the time is right then I’d worry about gross motor control

I have 4 kids and none of them crawled that early, it was more like 10 or 11 months.

No my 2nd child (middle) did not start crawling until 13 months then was walking at 16 months. Every baby is different and will do things when they are ready. My 1st didn’t start crawling until 10 months and my 3rd started crawling at 6 months.

My god daughter is 18 months and hasnt started walking yet. She didnt crawl til 2 months ago. My son was early for everything. Every child is different. No worries!

Every child is diffrent, iv seen children crawl at 6 months… and iv seen others not crawl at all and went straight to walking right before hitting a year… dont worry.

My son didn’t crawl until 11 months… he’s a year next week and crawls everywhere but no walking yet.

My son never crawled. He was a big boy & he’d drag himself around. Then started pulling himself up to stuff. Started walking on his 1st birthday.

No. Savor it.
Once they start moving they never EVER stop.

My daughter is almost 9 months old and same - hasn’t crawled yet, just rolls and pivots and resists when I try to help her. I just tell myself that every baby is different and she’ll crawl when she’s ready. Or she may skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking, I’ve heard of that.

Some kids skip crawling

Lol my daughter skipped sitting up and learned how to crawl first. Then she learned how to pull herself up and that’s how she learned sitting up. She’s 9 month today and all she doesn’t know how to do is walk on her own. Different baby’s different paces!

Get her a toy to encourage her tummy time and sitting up! That’s how I did it with my baby

My daughter didn’t start crawling until about 9-10 months. I was worried too. But she eventually figured it out. Every baby is different. As long as she’s moving around she’s fine.

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Let her freak out in tummy time it’s good for them at least 5min morning lunch evening

some kids wont… some will go straight to walking. And 8 months?? nah your good still but i mean if you are really worried talk to your pediatrician

All kids are different. My niece didn’t start crawling until 9-10 months but was walking by her first birthday. My daughter started crawling at 6 months but didn’t start walking until 15 months.

Every child is different :heart: I wouldn’t be too worried

My daughter never crawled. :woman_shrugging:t4: just started walking and that wasnt until she was like 16 months

My first son didn’t crawl until he was probably 11 months. My youngest was crawling at 5 months :woman_shrugging:t3: they all learn at their own pace. I wouldn’t worry :blush:

Some children pass that stage and it’s ok
My son never crawled he’s 23 today

First thing you do is stop worrying…babies do what they do when they do it. She might be one that skips crawling all together.

Don’t stress your little one will crawl when ready mine is 14 months old and still crawls he will walk holding onto your hand or use the furniture be not ready to go on his own and l am ok with that you got this momma just be patient it will come in all good time

My youngest son (11 months) didn’t start crawling until he was 9 months. I was getting worried for a while bc all he wanted to do was try to walk but one day I put a Pikachu stuffed animal down and he just went for it lol. He will get the hang of it all babies are different.

I don’t think you should worry. My oldest son never crawled. He just sat on a blanket and quitely played with his toys. He stood at furniture at 16 months and walked a few days later. My youngest son crawled backwards at 6 months and walked and peddled a tricycle at 9 months.

Every child is different. Some start early and some start later.

My nephew NEVER crawled. He just walked on this own about 18mo. He was a chunker. Dr said some babies skip crawling.

Every child is different. I’ve had four babies, and all of them of crawled anywhere I’m starting at 9 months old to 13 months old. Deep breath oh, that baby will crawl in their own time.

My son is 8 months too. He scoots easily but he’s not on his hands and knees yet.

Don’t be to concerned babies do things at there own pace she may never crawl she may just get up and walk or she may start to crawl soon all babies are different don’t always go by oh so and so baby was walking at 9 months or so and so baby crawled at 6 months I had 6 kids they all did there own thing on there own time just enjoy your little one she’ll crawl soon enough and then you have to move everything out of there reach cuz once they crawl then it’s walking and climbing on everything don’t be in a rush b4 you no it there grown and gone and you’ll want theses days back just saying and this is only one opinion

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Every child is different. They reach milestones at different times. My daughter didn’t crawl until she was 10 months and didn’t walk until she was 16 months. I was worried at first too but my Dr told me not to worry.

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My first child never crawled, he kinda scooted around until 10 months, then pulled himself up & started walking. No worries, she’ll be fine!


Babies are like kernels of popcorn they all don’t start popping at the same time … and she may never crawl …


I would ask your pediatrician.but I wouldn’t worry too much everyone kind of does things their own way what am I kiddos literally rolled rather than crawl

my daughter never crawled, around 10 months she just pulled herself up and started walking been on the move ever since! she’s 21!!


No. I have 6 children and none of them crawled before 10 months

2 of my 4 kids never really crawled they kinda just scooted and then after they turned 1 they just started walking

My son started at 6months and daughter at 10 months. Every child is different. I have seen some just scoot and then walk. Every beautiful flower takes time to grow.

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My daughter was just lazy the Dr’s said had multiple tests ran and they were correct she finally started to when she was 2 and she’s still on the lazy side now and she’s almost 21 now


Please never compare your child to others as each child develops differently…you are doing all the right things give it a little more time before you grow concerned as others have said some just take longer to hit some milestones and some just skip and to straight to the next :two_hearts:

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Every child develops at their own pace. I wouldn’t be concerned yet.

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Baby will do when she gets ready may not even do it i would worry my middle child skipped and went right to walking

Not all children get where they want to go by " normal" crawling… Some crawl, some scoot on there butt… She is going to dance to the beat of her own drum. I pray God pours out Blessings on you and your family.

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My little one didn’t crawl until was 8 months my 1st crawled at 6 every child is different just keep giving belly time

My baby never crawled she got up and took off!!!

My daughter crawled at 7 months, walked at 11 months… my son didn’t crawl (though rolled everywhere from about 4/5 months) until 10-11 months… he didn’t walk until 17 months

Some babies never crawl. Point for them is to get moving. Lol. There are different ways to do that. Stop worrying. Enjoy your child’s uniqueness :heart:

EVERY child learns on their own at different pace. Not everyone will meet that stupid requirement chart during that time.
My first crawled at 9 months two weeks later she started walking.
My second started crawling at 8 months started walking at 9 months
My baby started crawling at 6 months started walking at 8 months.
It is what it is

My son propelled himself around commando style on his belly, never crawled

My youngest never crawled either. Just pulled up on the couch and stood and at just over 9months old was walking. My oldest crawled forever and a week after her first birthday started to walk. Each kid is different, don’t stress.

My oldest never crawled. Refused to be on his hands and knees. Learned to walk at 11 months though. 🤷 All babies are different.

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My son never crawled he went str8
To walking at 9 mo … now he doesnt walk at all lol he runs every where hes 3

Mine didn’t crawl because the hardwood hurt their knees so they scooted like a commando

My daughter crawled at 10 months and my son at around 9.5 months. They do it when they’re ready and willing. Now me, my mom said I was 18 months when I started crawling. I was very developmentally delayed.

Have you exercise his leg like bicycle? Maybe it some help. Take time timeline

My daughter didn’t start to crawl until she was a year old, on her first birthday. She took a step by herself , discovered it was “safer” to crawl.

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all babies develop at different stages .

Just be persistent in getting her to crawl and don’t let her try to walk first because she needs her motorskills. When a baby crawls first it teaches her motorskills.

She’ll probably just start walking! Lots of babies skip the crawling stage🤷‍♀️

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I would talk to doctor if really worried

Some babies dont like to crawl. I wouldnt worry about it. If it is concerning talk to her pediatrician.

My son never crawled
He went from army crawling to walking at 9 mths

Put her in a walker. I don’t know if they still make them. I put my son in at 5 months with a rolled up towel behind him. He pushed himself backwards everywhere until he figured out how to go forward