Should I be concerned that my 8-month-old hasn't started crawling yet?

My eight-month-old hasn’t started crawling or even tried to crawl. She rolls and pivots her way to stuff she wants, but I’m worried that she hasn’t tried getting on her hands and knees, and freaks out when I place her on her hands and knees. I’m starting to worry. What can I do?


Nope. Babies will do things on their own pace, generally. Some are late bloomers.
My second didn’t start crawling till he was 9 months, and didn’t start walking till he was 14-15 months

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Babies typically begin to crawl between 6-10 months.

my oldest didn’t start crawling until 10 months and my second was closer to 1 years old before he started crawling

Some kids skip crawling and go straight to walking.

Does she pull her self up onto things, or bare weight on her legs?

All babies are different. Some wont crawl until later on and some can even skip crawling all together and go straight to walking. Don’t stress :slight_smile:

My 7 months old hasn’t either, he army crawls with his face down :roll_eyes: lol babies have their own timeline! You should be fine mama

No, all babies are different and they all have different milestones. More tummy time to help

I had one roll like the can of chef boyardee everywhere she wanted to go. Walked before she was 1.

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My daughter never crawled. She got up on all 4s one time, totally thought she was going to crawl but nope. But She start walking at 8 months

Every baby is different so I wouldn’t worry too much but if you really are concerned then I recommend calling your pediatrician.

My youngest didn’t crawl till his first birthday he would walk along edges of furniture. Then he walked at about 15mos

My son never crawled, but he was walking along objects by 9 months and fully walking by 11 months. Every child is different.

I would just get behind my son and put my hands behind his feet and let him push off. He eventually got the hang of it.

I have 5 kids none of them were crawlers. My oldest son’s nickname is Scooter because he decided to scoot instead of crawling

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No my oldest didn’t crawl till right before her 1st bday and walked in the same day. 2nd crawled around 10 months and youngest crawled at 9 months

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No. Mine hasn’t either lol. Hardly sits up long either lol

Mine was walking by 8 months. My other not until over a year. Each baby is different. Im sure it wont take to much longer

My little man didnt start crawling till he was 11 months, trust me when I say babies go at their own pace xx

Some babies don’t crawl at all! I didn’t. My son started around 7 months but it’s totally normal for them to not crawl until 10 or 11 months if at all!

Don’t worry all babies will do it when they are ready not us. Goodluck momma😘

1 of my boys never really crawled He went from scooting on his butt and rolling everywhere to standing using the furniture to walking at 10 months

3 of my kiddos didnt crawl. On their first birthday they got up and started walking. Dont stress babies achieved milestones when they are ready

All babies do things at there own pace your baby will get there when ready

Mine didnt crawl til 10 months and started walking at 11 and a half mths. Dont be worried, I was too though lol

My daughter didn’t start crawling until 12 months

Don’t worry. Babies will figure it out.

All babies are different…

Neither of my kids crawled until 9-10 months and are both very active now! Botha tried walking just after a year.

My daughter didnt start crawling until 11 months walking at 13 months. My son statted crawling at 7 months walking at 10 months.

Some babies dont crawl at all and go right to standing. My daughter is 7 months old, she will sometimes crawl, but prefers to roll to where she needs to go. She is also standing, crawling just isn’t her thing. :woman_shrugging:

Every baby is different. I never crawled as a baby, just went straight to walking by my first birthday. If she isn’t crawling or walking after her first birthday talk to her pediatrician about it.

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I wouldn’t worry too much! My daughter didn’t crawl or sit up on her own until 10 months, but excelled verbally and knew her ABCs and could count by the time she was 2. My son was crawling at 4 months but couldn’t really talk until he was almost 4 years old. Both are teenagers now and both are perfectly fine.

Mine didn’t until she was about 9 months.

My baby girl is 9 months and is just starting to crawl. Some babies dont craw right away.
My boys crawled sooner than her. Every baby is going to be different. Some even learn to walk before crawling

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Mine didn’t til around 9 months and now he’s 11 months pulling himself up on things. Still not full knee crawling but army crawls. Only recently he’s been pulling himself up and will do a few knee crawls. All babies learn at their own pace. If your really concerned talk to your pediatrician

My daughter crawled a day after she turned 1 and didn’t walk for another like six months. Haha it’s fine

My youngest sister never crawled. She skipped right over it and started walking around a year old. All babies are different.!

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My daughter didn’t start crawling till 10 months and then started walking shortly after. Every kid is different. They will start when they are ready

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A lot of babies barely crawl and just start walking. I was one of them! I started crawling barely and was walking within a month of that. My brother went pretty much straight from schooling to walking as well.


Don’t worry. Some babies never really crawl.

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My son didn’t crawl at all he bummed himself about the floor then just got up at started walking one day x


She’s fine! She’s getting around her own way. I had a friend who’s TWO sons scooted on their butts, NEVER crawled!

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My daughter didn’t crawl until 11m old then moved to walking a week or two later. Every baby is different. My son was crawling at 7m old (no joke) and started walking at 9m old.

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Not all babies craw my grandson did what I called

My baby didnt crawl until 10 months and walked at18 months (nothing physically was wrong hes just lazy)

My 2 year old never crawled, hated tummy time, hated being on her hands and knees. She started walking at 10 months. If you are really concerned, ask her doctor, but every baby is different.

As a mum of 5 I really would not worry, some of mine crawled others went straight to walking one of my boys used his chair to bounce his way to things if you have no luck by the age of 1 then I would talk to your doc of health care last

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I wouldn’t worry to much . my daughter didn’t crawl til she was 9 months and started walking at 13 months . they start at their own pace.

No need to worry. Every baby sets their own pace.

My son went from rolling to sitting up an walking he never crawled either

My son didn’t walk until he was 15 months. My daughter did at 9 months. Every child is different.

Ask your pediatrician

I have a older brother that didn’t walk crawl until he was almost 2 my mother said she took him to the doctor and he said he is just a lazy baby and not to worry about it he will walk when he is ready

Some babies don’t crawl, it sounds like she is doing fine.

As a mother of 4 I can tell you no two babies are alike they will crawl and walk at different times. My first didn’t crawl until 10 months and only did it for a little while & went straight to walking. My second never crawled ( never got on her hands & knees ) she did what I call a butt and leg pull instead lol my 3rd crawled by 9 months and my last who just turned 7 months is crawling already and pulling himself up to stand ! I feel as long as she is trying to reach things by rolling , crawling or what ever she’s on track & if you feel like she’s behind talk to her doctor. Now with that said try siting her down on the floor everyday and put her favorite toy or food a little distance from her keep practicing this with her and she will be crawling before you know it.

My son didnt crawl till he was 11months, he is also high functioning autism. So just mention to your doctor and go from there. Delayed motor function can be nothing and it can definitely be something just get it checked out :slight_smile:

I would taker her to a chiropractor just to make sure her hips and everything is in. If she’s not showing any interest, but is still getting around I wouldn’t worry for another couple months

She will when she is ready

Some skip crawling entirely… do some more tummy time to encourage the army crawling.

My son only crawled backwards before he started walking :woman_shrugging:

If she is moving to what she wants it’s still considered mobile, I have worked in childcare for many years and there are many children who never do the traditional hands and knee crawl.

My son didn’t start really crawling until he was 9 months old I was concerned but then 3 weeks later he started walking so it’s really when they’re ready

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My younger daughter would get on her hands and knees and rock repeatedly until you thought she built up the momentum to actually crawl forward but she would drop her shoulder and barrel roll towards what she wanted. Now I can’t keep up with her. Every kid develops in their own time. If Baby isn’t crawling by a year, the doctor will probably recommend an evaluation by Physical Therapy and/or Occupational Therapy.

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My daughter’s 9mo and she army crawls

My first two kids skipped crawling all together

My little one didn’t start crawling til around 8.5 months. Each baby develops at their own rate and some babies never crawl! Don’t stress :slightly_smiling_face:

My 10 month old wants nothing to do with crawling, but he’s trying to walk. Pulls up on stuff and tries surfing on furniture

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She’ll do it when she’s ready. Some babies never crawl and just go straight to walking, and 8 months old is very early for walking.

My baby is 7 months old, she has no interest in crawling. She’s walking as long as she’s holding onto something

My baby started crawling at 9 months. Maybe just be patient and she will crawl soon

Talk to her pediatrician

My daughter never crawled. She walked at 7 1/2 months

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Not all babies crawl. As long as she’s getting herself where she wants to go she’s fine.

No need to worry, my son never really crawled just kinda army crawled and rolled and then just walked the furniture and such and that was normal for him. Where as my daughter who is almost 8 months is now is crawling normal

No, both mine started crawling about 9-10 months and were walking by 1. All babies are different :grin:

My son didn’t crawl until he walked first at 9 months. Every baby is different.

My daughter never “crawled” she bum scooted everywhere. Then started waking 10 days before her 1st birthday. Every child is different

My youngest skipped crawling. Went straight from scooching to running.

My son didn’t start till after 9months it’s normal every kid is different

My son is 10months old now and just started to walk he started crawling around 8.5 months every baby is different he’s my 4th and walking and doing some thing for aster the my other 3kids did

Every popcorn pop eventually, no stress mom!

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My babys almost 6 months and was born at 32 weeks. Shes on top of all milestones for a baby born on time. Shes slowly learning how to sit up without support and is showing interest in crawling. She rolls over from front to back and back to front. After reading previous comments on this post it’s easily safe to say each baby is different and will reach milestones at different paces. Don’t worry about when your baby reaches them just enjoy watching them grow and succeed. :two_hearts: Theres no reason to stress yourself out. Your little one will show you when they’re ready. Lots of tummy time will help them learn.

My daughter was born at 35 weeks 6 days.
And I’m here to tell you Dont worry it’s no big deal.
My daughter didn’t start actually crawling until she was 1 year old.
She started scooting around 10 months old.
To each child there own transportation modes.
When I was concerned and brought it up to my daughters pediatrician at both her 9 month and year appointment and her doctor said it’s okay if your child dont crawl as long as she finds away ti get around herself before she walks and has good hand and eye coordination.
My daughter still rather scoots then crawls because she doesn’t like weight on her knees and I cant blame her.
Within three months 9M to 1year old my daughter went from scooting,crawling and walking holding onto furniture ect
And is taking a few un-assisted steps now

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no, it’s probably just a sensory thing doesn’t like how the floor feels she might just skip crawling and go right to standing some babies do that, no big deal don’t worry about it!

Naw, he’s fine. My oldest daughter didn’t crawl til like 10 months and didn’t walk til almost 18 months. All babies are different. He’ll crawl when he wants to.

I wouldn’t worry. Ours seemed to take forever to crawl, but they went from crawling to walking within just 2-3 months. Every baby/kid is so different. Some just don’t crawl. Or they scoot around or roll around. There’s no schedule.

My baby just learned to crawl. Shes 2 and 4 montha… however, she stood up 1 night and taught herself how to walk. Falling repeatedly until she got it. Best video I’ve ever recorded

Wouldn’t worry. All kids do things at own pace my first never crawled as she rolled everywhere and preferred that…

Not at all! My LO was the same way! Hated tummy time. He would wiggle around on his tummy and kind of slither around til he was about 10mo. He wanted to walk more than crawl so he been holding our hands to walk since was about 7 or 8mo…then he finally crawled in the correct fashion about 10mo…took 1st steps around the year mark…and is almost 1yr n 1mo and he is now going better distance walking without his walker. My daughter (she is 15yo) started crawling about 6mo and walking by 11mths. Just goes to show that all babies hit their milestones at different times. If isnt crawling by maybe b4 she turns 1, then I’d reach out to the doc. Babies are given til about 18mths to start walking so she has more time to start crawling. I wouldnt worry right now. Itll happen when least expected

My niece never crawled. She sat all the time . One day , she just got up and walked . Maybe that’s what your child is gonna do .

No need to worry all babies are different. My oldest started crawling around 8 months walking at a year. Second was crawling at 5 months and walking at 9 months 3rd crawled around 10-11 months walking at 13 months 4th was around the same as 3rd

My daughter didn’t crawl crawl til 9-10 months. The most she did before that was start this weird dragging herself around thing at 7-8 months. She didn’t even start sitting up til in between 8-10 months. Every baby is different but if it concerns you talk to the dr

My daughter was a late crawler she absolutely hated tummy time. Yet she started walking on her first birthday no reason to stress it at all.

No, not all. All babies and toddlers make strides at their own pace. My daughter crawled for a short period of time around 14 months then went straight to walking around 17 months. She was delayed with her gross motor and has turned out to be completely healthy at almost 4 years old.

My first daughter didn’t even roll over until she was 9 months. She was really chunky. She skipped crawling altogether. She’d just stand up and one day, she decided to wanted to walk at 14 months.

As long as they are attempting to pull up by 1 year, usually doctors are ok with it. But they will let you know at your 9 month visit if you should be concerned. Don’t go reading those developmental milestones, they will drive you crazy. It’s not a competition. Relax. Slow down. Deep breaths. Doc will tell you if there’s a reason for concern. Otherwise, no point in worrying, because baby will be whatever baby will be.

Mine never crawled. Started walking the week before his first birthday.

She’s fine!!! I guarantee she’ll walk around fine… just like you do!! :heart:

If ever worried see your doctor