Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring 1 week behind?

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Not if your doctor is not.

10% of babies have to make up the bottom 10th percentile. They are people, and all people are different sizes. Maybe baby will have a big growing week next week.

There is also a margin of error + or - 5 days on an ultrasound.

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No, I wouldn’t be concerned. My two oldest consistently measured two weeks ahead, but what that really meant was that they were longer than the average baby at their gestational age. They were both long at birth, and my first came on his due date, the second came the day before due date. Both of them continue to be incredibly tall for their ages. I’m currently expecting again, a little girl this time, and she is measuring a few days behind due date. I think she’s just smaller than her brothers, and I expect she will come right around due date as well.

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My doctor said that as long as the baby is within 10 days, that’s normally considered normal margin of difference.

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I wouldn’t worry. Due dates are not 100% accurate. They go by the date of your last period and can be a little off.

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I measured a week behind at one of my appts, by the next appointment I was back on track

None of my 3 kids ever measured what they were “supposed” to. They were always within a week or two either way. My Dr never acted concerned about it.

If your doctor has not expressed concern, then you should be fine.

My doctor told me anything more than 2 weeks, behind or ahead, is when they start getting concerned. I was measuring 2 weeks ahead for about 2 months and then he started leveling out. He still is measuring 1 week ahead but they are not concerned at all.

No. My baby was measuring behind in the beginning. I was 9 weeks and he was measuring 8. Now at my 36 week ultrasound he was measuring at 37-38 weeks

I’ve been measuring a week being since 31 weeks.

No it’s only a week and yr doc would said something if there was something to be worried about .

Eat better nutrient dense foods

I measured 2 weeks behind with all 5 of my kids. All healthy!

I was told not to be concerned unless baby measures over 4w ahead or behind. I’ve had 3 IUGR babies. Interuterine growth restriction. Both about 4-6w behind in growth. Both healthy. The baby I was 4-6w ahead with is my angel and besides ruling out gestational diabetes they didn’t do anything. Even when I was super dehydrated.

No! A week behind isn’t much! Due dates are an estimation. Just because the doctor says you’re so many weeks along, doesn’t mean you truly are. Also a lot of babies catch up in the 3rd trimester.