Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring 3 weeks behind?

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How far along are you?

If you’re doctor doesn’t seem to express any serious concerns- no. Babies , especially in the first part of pregnancy measure ‘off’ from what they are “supposed” to often just because of the fact that the ideal measurements and stage of pregnancy is merely estimations with what you tell them as far as last period etc etc . Which is just that - estimating actual time of conception and age of baby , due date etc , until they have been able to do actual measurements through ultrasounds to get more precise answers . More often than not finding out the guestimates based on alleged dates were really off by days even weeks than when it ACTUALLY happened, making babies measurements end up being “behind” a few weeks .

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I had this issue. They kept moving my due date and at 36 weeks when I went in for my normal appt they said I needed an emergency induction and that my baby was starving due to IUGR. I wish they had caught it earlier my son was born 4lbs 7 oz and spent 4 days in the nicu because they didn’t catch it sooner. Ask your doctor if this could be an issue. It may just be a smaller baby or there could be a bigger issue. I’d just educate yourself as much as possible about what it could be and have doctors reassure you that it’s not something like IUGR.

Same question repeated

No it’s not an exact science. I knew when I conceived give or take 2 days. I tracked my cycles. My due date changed twice with my 1st pregnancy and she came 3 weeks late based off final date given.they let me go so long because she would measure a week behind at 1 appt and 2 weeks ahead the next appt. My twins always measured small and they really thought they’d be in nicu just based on size alone and came out measuring alot bigger than they thought. U get measured from gustimated conception which starts give or take about 2 weeks after u last bleed. However because noone really knows exact dates when that would be measurements could be off. If ur doctor becomes concerned further in pregnancy then yes be worried. But at that point I should be advised on how 2 further take care of urself and baby.

No, they measure totally wrong all the time. A friend was told she had a 10 pound baby and induced her, she had a 6 pound baby to early. 3 weeks isnt anything to be worried about anyway, baby is probably perfect🥰

My doctor just told me at my last appointment I was measuring a week ahead, and I said does that mean im going to have a big baby? And she told me no its very common for babies to measure either 3 weeks ahead or behind. If your doctor isn’t concerned, I wouldn’t worry too much.

I would take all of that measurements with a pinch of salt. They honestly don’t mean much. The only true way of knowing is when the babe is born lol.

I don’t think so! My son measured wrong my entire pregnancy :rofl: He started off as just a peanut & then measured almost two weeks ahead by the end. :joy: If your doctor isn’t concerned I wouldn’t stress either! Babies are goofy :woman_shrugging:t4:

I wouldn’t think too much into it. I was told my baby was gonna measure 9, closer to 10 Lbs & she came out 7lbs 1oz.

Not usually. Ultrasound measurements after the dating scan are inaccurate.

No, no need to worry.

It’s not always a concern. Babies run small on my mother’s side. I had a low birth weight when I was born. Babies run big on my husband’s side. My MIL was 3 wks early w my husband & he was a big baby. Just ask your Dr. Do a lot of research the more informed you are, the better you can try & gauge if it’ll be an issue when u deliver that beautiful lil bundle. Good luck!! I hope & pray that you have no issues when u deliver! :raised_hands:t2::heart: