Should I be concerned that my child gets the hiccups so many times?

My daughter just turned 3 and since last night she has had off & on hiccups, almost 24 hours.Should I be concerned…? I’m trying to avoid Google. But, will most likely call her doctors in the morning.


Gonna sound weird, and I am not a covid nut, we have been in 15 states in the last 2 years so we certainly aren’t hiding from it, but my dad had Covid and his ONLY symptom was hiccups, but they lasted for 9 days and he had to be put on medication to stop them. By day 6 I took him to the hospital because he couldn’t hardly eat or drink because the hiccups wouldn’t stay away for more than a few minutes at a time. He was miserable and in so much pain from the constant contracting of the muscles with each hiccup. Just an idea of something that can cause prolonged hiccups.


My baby gets hiccups all time and my 9 year when she was a baby/toddler used to get them a lot, she still gets them quite easily now.

Idk man I would normally say no big deal but I’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy too many times. It can’t hurt to call her Dr.

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My three year old sucks air up and makes himself burp everyday lol. I tell him not to and he laughs and does it more. No advice on the hiccups tho sorry but I don’t see it being that
Big of a problem unless they won’t go away at all.

I’m always getting hiccups, I’m 49, sat watching tele hiccups, in the shower hiccups, having a chat on the phone to my sis hiccups, sometimes it seems none stop, never really thought about it till now… will get back to you let me do some research xx

Ok don’t worry, but take your child to a doctor… just for a check up… I will be going also but please don’t worry, it could just be nothing but please consult your doctor

Mine was connected to undiagnosed asthma and problems with oxygen

Does she drink from a straw? I get hiccups everytime i drink from a straw, maybe try a different style sippy cup or whatever she is drinking from

So this happened to me a lot as a child and continues as an adult turns out it’s a symptom of hyper mobility. Check her breighton scale score.

Probably nothing but it’s always safer to have them seen when there are concerns. In the meantime it’s probably a growth spurt if it’s new and you can try gripe water!