Should I be concerned that my son isn't walking yet?

My son just turned one, at his check-up the doctor asked if he was walking yet, which he isn’t. I stated my son like to sometimes walk or stand on his tippy toes, the doctor checked up out his ankles and said there was a little resistance and now is referring us to an orthopedic specialist. Doctor said not to worry. I know all babies are different and walk when they are ready.Any other mommy’s had something similar? Or advice to help my son walk?

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At 12 months I wouldn’t worry one of my children were walking at 11 months and my other was 14 months. Just keep encouraging and standing him to to get confidence


I wouldn’t worry at 12 months my 16 month old just started walking a few weeks ago now she’s running

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When my 15 year old daughter was little she didn’t walk until about 18 months but her twin brother was walking at 12 months. I did have her checked up had xrays and even had help me grow involved. She was just slow. Her twin brother did everything for her. My 8 year old when he was younger he started walking at about 12-13 months. As long as you get it checked out and nothing is wrong it helps you feel better just knowing.

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My son is almost 15 months and doesn’t walk alone but does holding on to furniture or holding hands. He tries to stand up from a sitting position and falls.

It’s not one size fits all he will do it when he’s ready.

Wouldn’t worry but definitely worth the check to avoid problems down the line

I wouldn’t worry at 12 months.

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My 1st- 71/2 months, my 2nd- walked at 18 months alone but still perfected to be carried or in a stroller

my oldest started walking about at almost 13 mths , my middle was 9mths and my youngest about the same as the oldest.

Not all babies walk before 1 don’t worry

They are all different. 1st was running at 9mo. Then twins… One waked at 11 mo. The other at 13 mo.