Should I be concerned that my toddler doesn't talk much?

my 15 month old almost 16 month old will not talk, all he says is mama and Dada. we try to get him to say any other simple words but have zero luck… instead he screams on the top of his lungs and squeals all day… should I be concerned that he’s not talking, and only yelling and squealing


Hey Mama! Kids develop at their own rates for sure, but listen to your gut. If you feel that something is off then talk to baby’s PCP and ask for some testing. If there is anything going on then early intervention is the key. Good luck, good Mama. Your little one is lucky to have a mom who is willing to reach out and ask questions for their well being.:sparkling_heart::sparkles::pray:

My daughter was all babble for a long time. We started looking into SLP when she was about 2.5. Now she’s 5.5, still has a slight impediment, but it’s quickly fading now that she’s in kindergarten.

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Definitely check with a doctor, my daughter is 3 and still doesn’t speak she was diagnosed with autism

They’re not typically saying a ton of words by 15 months. I wouldn’t be stressed. He probably screams cause he’s frustrated he can’t communicate. Try teaching him some basic signs like food, more, water, please and thank you. Things that he can use to tell you what he needs.


Every child does things at their own pace. Also little boys seem to talk later than girls from my own observations. They will mostly talk in baby language around that age. Don’t worry

My youngest didn’t talk till a year ago qhen she started nursery she was just over 2 and she’s now just over 3 and she speaks amazingly!! She won’t put sentences together much but she speaks so good and clearly! Honestly I was worried last year qhen she wasn’t talking and health visitor still came to se ever regularly and nursery also helped loads and she’s amazing now!

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All babies grow and learn differently :sparkles: ask your pediatrician if your worried. My sons were talking, smiling, squealing all the time but that’s bc I was always talking , laughing with them all day. Some people just learn from observation or hands on. Work on words with your baby. Practice talking to your baby more. They are learning and soaking it all up. No worries you and baby will be alright!

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My oldest didn’t take off with speech until much close to 2. My youngest is 15 months and only says mama and yeah yeah. I wouldn’t worry until much later tbh.

Talk with pediatrician for early intervention, they can help with a referral for speech therapy. My son starts in April. He’s 2.


My son done the same thing. … He had tubes put in both ears and was talking almost immediately! Have his ears checked!

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That’s all my daughter was saying at that age too. She’s 4 now & telling me what to do every day .

My grandson didn’t really say to many words until he was 2.5-3. He has made up for that in 2 yrs :rofl:

My nephew only started talking to hen he was 4!!!

So they have an older sibling? Or do you speak for them when they want something?

My granddaughter would grunt when she wanted something. Turns out she was almost deaf because of tonsils(I think that was it. Shes grown now!) After surgery she heard a bird and asked what it was!

Check under his tongue. Maybe tongue tie? Also, if no medica or developmental reasons, he will in his own time.

Teach them sign launguage.

My daughter started daycare at 17 months barely saying anything and now at 3 she never stops! It’s all normal

My middle child only spoke when she hit 2.5yo, now 3yo and doesn’t stop! She speaks properly and clearly in full sentences too. She used to hum and mumble.

You can always ask your pediatrician if he/she feels like he is behind.

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Sounds like a hearing impairment to me. Get his hearing checked.

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Mine turned 2 in December and is just now starting to string more than one or two words together into rudimentary sentences; her youngest cousin, who’s 9 months older than her, was fully talking before she’d even turned 2. I’ve also heard (and experienced) that boys often tend to be a little slower on language development.
I wouldn’t worry about it, but there’s also nothing wrong with looking into early intervention. At worst, your kid will learn new skills a little faster than he would otherwise.

You can contact your states birth-3 early intervention program. It’s a free service and they will access your child and offer speech services if needed. And yes speak with your pediatrician as well

Wouldn’t hurt to tall to your pediatrician. My son didn’t talk much he was diagnosed with speech delay and then a few years later autism

That’s how my daughter was. She’s an only child. I think she was 16 months when she started to speak. She didn’t do baby talk, or we didn’t do that with her. She spoke full clear sentences. I wasn’t worried. She’s now 18 with a 5.0 gpa with crazy scholarship offers. Your so will be ok but check with your ped for reassurance :heart:

My daughter did that and she has a diagnosed speech delay and autism. She is 4 now and still doesn’t talk a lot. Sometimes with speech, they catch up fast though. My friend’s kid had a speech delay like that, no autism, and by kindergarten you couldn’t tell she ever had a delay

Contact your local college for speech department

What does the pediatrician say?

See what your pediatrician says. I wouldn’t be to concerned at this age.

Don’t worry it just gets worse